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    1. and a big fat FAIL for Randy Jackson missing the sarcasm in Simon’s clever remark.

  1. Just American Idol itself is a massive FAIL, the fact that you would go to such lengths to try to be on the show and get arrested is an EPIC FAIL. And btw, yes, comment WIN for Simon.

    1. You call this FAIL because haven’t seen the Brazilian version of this show yet. Google “suzy quer sufle” and watch the video.

    2. Holy crap, he sounds just like the South Park Michael Jackson. Just needed an “Eee-Hee!” Or a “Chimoan-Uhh”

    3. I agree with V American idol is a huge waste of time, all of them sound horrible in my opinion but for the record with this guy, it made my ears bleed!

  2. thats so sad………………………………………………………………………………………………..and funny XD

  3. Props to outrofulano for that lead on YouTube. But seriously, how pathetic is the show when you watch it for the fails instead of the successes? Fail to the show, fail to the contestants & epic fail to whoever wastes the time to actually watch the show.

    1. That’s like people that watch racing for the wrecks, hockey for the fights and porn for the dialogue. Society loves failure on a general level and also the moral majority of society is into the teeny bopper/pop music scene which this show provides in spades. It’s a winning fail is what it is. =T
      (Ps: 3 Words. Springer, Jenny, Maury.)

    1. Well, if you think about the idea behind the show – filthy rich, corrupt music producers giving a chance to completely unknown people (who lack the right connections inside the industry) to become popstars – you will notice how absurd it is. The Susan Boyle case is enough proof of that: Simon Cowell was her manager LONG BEFORE she “surprised” him and the other judges with her “undiscovered” talent. But you must agree that there is a lot of people out there who ACTUALLY believe it is for real and, what is worse, they ACTUALLY believe they have talent. That’s why I don’t think they need to fix everything. All they need is to throw a bait, and the fools will come in packs. 😉

  4. Some of the best fails ever are recorded because of this television show. It’s a little sad that so many people only win at failing. 😛

  5. It’s not the fact that he can’t sing that’s the fail part, it’s the fact that he doesn’t realize he can’t sing, refuses to believe it, and then gets thrown out for not leaving when they told him no.

  6. An American dream, that beautiful idea, that if you try REALLY HARD… well, you’ll FAIL anyway, but keep trying.
    If nobody convinces that guy he’s on wrong direction, he might die trying… the sooner the better.

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