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    1. Mythbusters aren’t always exactly being scientific, they draw their conclusions a bit hastily, though curving a bullet automatically sounds like bullshit to me xD

    2. yea, i hop people didnt actually try to curve the bullet infront of their friends. That would be awful, but at the same time, remove them from the gene pool.

    3. mythbusters “bust” things all the time when later it’s confirmed the myth was actually true. That’s why I stopped watching it–also their lack of respect for the scientific method. They fail. Also, once again, this google auto-populate is bogus.

  1. Uhh… the person who posted this is the FAIL. The reason being is that Google tracks what you most frequently search and will give you suggestions most relevant to what you normally search… above and beyond what most other people in the world search for.

    1. not really. Type in: Christianity is, Judaism is, Hinduism is, Buddhism is, and Islam is. You should get some horrible statements about the religions, except Islam, which is blank due to a glitch.

  2. I fucked my cousin, wrong or right depends on perspective, we can all say its sick and wrong, but it happens.

    Most passionate fuck I ever had.

    1. Before you judge me, you should see my cousin, and the fact that she started talking dirty and suddenly pushed me against the wall…

      Oh and perfect double D`s.

      That is all you need to know

    2. Very romantic. Just wrap up your wanker to prevent any one eyed, inbred offspring. Unless your goal is to contribute to de-evolution.

  3. Is it wrong to sleep with your sister.

    yes, and illegal

    with cousin

    possibly but not illega..

    cousin is the closest incest can get legally

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