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    1. Her parents must be so proud of her they thought she’d never make it through high school after that devastating accident that left her partially deaf tone ahahahah

  1. and this was the hardest time of whole school period (and for those who ‘don’t get it’ SHE DIDNT LEARN HOW TO SING!! -.-“)

  2. my girlfriend thinks im a horrible singer, and she would be right, but i sing badly for comedic value, this girl was in front of a huge crowd singing appearantly the whole song, how horrible!

  3. I was hoping someone would throw a brick at her fucking fat lard of a face the whole time I was watching this clip. Or a fucking huge cane would pull her off the stage while everyone boos.

  4. So is this singer “special” and they are letting her sing and are being nice? Or does she just suck that bad?
    My hope is she is retarded, then she has an excuse, is the band retarded? Is the whole school retarded? Man, was this bad.Is there ear bleach?

  5. and people after the graduation left the school gym with a silence, and we never spoked about this ever again……………

  6. I think that guitar got worse than the singing halfway through though…I was definitely more annoyed by the faulty chords than the singing by then.

  7. I think GuitarGuy tried his urmost to drown her out, but the whale wouldnt shut her blow hole.really she brings to mind a sheep with hemroids trying to unleash a devil of a load. lol

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