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  1. Totally fake, but hilarious none the less. I love where “the teacher was hella mad and thought I was being a freak”. Classic shit.

  2. All that AND he never banged the “hot chick”. Of course just how hot is a girl that can pick you up and crack your back.
    She’s a big woman But she has a pretty face.

  3. FAKE…NOBODY CAN FART WITH DIAHREA!!!! It’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!:D when I have diarrhea, if I take a fart, the whole shitt will comeout instantly!! in my country we call that “PEIDO COM MOLHO” it’s like “fart sauce” I think heheheh:)

    1. Dude take a few laxatives and drink some water with a half teaspoon of sea-salt, wait about an hour. then tell me you dont fart with diarrhea. matter of fact if you get done and you dont believe your ass became a fire hazard for at least few minutes… then you sir are no human

      But i agree the story is fake, i read this on another site different wording.

    1. I started laughing so hard that my fiancee asked me what was so funny. I read it to him and he fell off the sofa laughing.

    2. heartbreakugly,no one cares if you have a fiance or not and btw please, please, PLEASE do NOT reproduce


    3. hahahaahahhaahhahahahahhahaha that comment was funnier than the actual picture. Anybody named “heartbreak princess” who spends time on epic fail should not be reproducing.

    4. Don’t worry, she won’t. For those dear readers as yet unacquainted with HBP’s myriad sexual malpractices: She likes it groovy. Socket-to-socket. Two USB ports, no flashdrive. When dick-riders go dyke-rider 😀
      And finally: Why be afraid to be enGayged? Rainbow-reign on, HeartBreakBetty 😀

  4. …this sound fake that actually can happen?….hope those tits bouncing on his back deserve the humillation and possible danger to be crippled for life

  5. What would any of us actually do if that had happened in real life? If i saw someone shit themselves while laying on the floor i think i would die of laughter.

  6. damn i felt really weird reading this…i get my back cracked like that almost every day and i was like ‘damn that could have bin me…’

  7. i would seriously consider killing my self if i diarrhea’d all over my classroom floor, in front of a good looking person. thats the most embarrasing thing ive ever heard!

  8. lmao! I think the greatest thing about this is that the idiot who posted the thread actually thought that his/her story was embarrassing…then you get this titbarf [[lol]] guy who shits all over the floor…hahah
    I’m on the fence about if its fake or real…it could be a little of both.

  9. ye…it’s fake…if your spinal nerve gets disrupted, and you are a man, you also get a full erection that won’t go away for days…. no mention of this… I call shenanigans!

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