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    1. Everybody knows that when a baby is having a tantrum you just let them go until they are done, trying to stop them just makes things worse. Most gyms make you sign in so they have his name and chances are he is a member so they probably have more than just his name. It’s not like he is going to get away with property damage scot-free.

    2. Had the girl not moved, she would’ve been hit by the dumbell in the beginning of the tantrum. You may look the other way, but not me.

    3. Good for you hero, but that is a hypothetical situation. She did move, she did not get hit by the dumbell. What I am saying is as long as it is material objects getting broken you may as well let the law deal with it. Harming a human is a whole different ball game and I agree that in that sort of situation people should step in.

    4. I agree Chaotic Theory, don’t worry I got your back, I’ll go for his legs while you rush em. 😉

    5. Stop him? Why all that macho-jerk bullshit?`Just let him trash the damn place, then call the cops, and as they put him down at gunpoint and handcuff him, you smile as you get the bill over the damage he caused, and paste it to his forehead.

      This note states the damage he has caused, and If I had any brain, I have insurance, if not, make the fuckhead pay me.

      Have a nice day.

    1. When one of my friends sent me a list of fetishes, there was a fetish for small penis’s called “Small Penis Humiliation Fetish”.

    2. Seroids don’t make your penis small… just your balls, which ususally comes back after you stop using them. Regardless, I wish I was there to see that. hilarious

    3. Nobody said anything about steroids making your penis small. The reason these guys have to resort to taking steroids is to compensate for having a small penis.

  1. I think the “You Belong!” on all the equipment is just a nice touch to this video. I wanna know why he was throwing a tantrum – was she telling him to get out?

    1. i know whats going on, this is a Planet Fitness gym that like to make fools out of people who grunt/breathe heavily during their workout, theres a few news stories if you google planet fitness ban grunting. Anyway that loud noise at the beggining is to point out the person who is grunting and a trainer will walk over and make a fool out of, personally im surprised that mirror didnt break

    1. Valid point. However kudos to the guy for not bursting out laughing, despite how afraid I would be of this guy I don’t think I could suppress the laughter.

  2. I go to a Planet Fitness like in this video. The worker is just telling him to quiet down. They don’t allow meatheads to grunt and drop weights so other normal people can just workout in peace.

  3. and then he came back earlier that day put everything in place and continue his membership, no one ever did anything…

  4. I fucking hate juice heads. For the record, if you put the weights down carefully with respect to your surroundings, you demonstrate additional control of the weights, think of it as an little something something more to your workout. I do confess to a grunt every now and then, but I’m the guy who always offers to spot you or show you something new if you ask.

    1. were do you train? i would like to have you around when i train. i need someone to showme something new. I live in Holland, is it worth migrating?

  5. Personally if you want to go to a gym where it’s peaceful and there’s no grunting, don’t go to a gym. If you’re actually working out you are going to grunt/breathe heavy. Americans need to stop being such pussies.

    1. well, actually it’s so normal people who aren’t on steroids can work out in peace. Nobody wants to hear the douche bag with the small penis grunt all loud and drop his weights every 2 seconds. Oh wait..i get it…sorry–didn’t realize you were the douche bag with the small penis.

    2. i grunt and sometimes let the weights hit the ground and make all kinds of loud noises. i am very tall and very strong and i am competing in strongman competitions, but i have never taken steroids… i am the class clown most of the time too. i will help anybody out. i agree with chris. if you want peace and quiet go to the damn nursing home and walk around the lobby. if you want to push your mind and body to the limits then you are going to make noises. also there are more people on steroids than you think that ARE the ones being calm and quiet. as to not draw attention to themselves. i know a lot of guys that are on roids and they dont grunt or get angry they just lift a lot of normal weights for a lot of reps.

  6. American Fail: a gym is supposed to be a place where everyone grunts and breathes heavily, and even drop enormous weights on the ground, making a lot of noise. This is a little bitch’s gym, only old ladys and retired people should go there.

    1. No, you’re suppose to control your breathing and control of your weights. I rarely see people do it, and even when I’m alone I rack up. Grunting is just a douche bags way of saying “hey everybody, look at how big I am!” pathetic.

    2. Very true, American Fail! The grunting and the pumping up actually helps for the weight lift. I was reading about a research not too long ago about how people who grunt and get more emotional (for lack of a better word)into their workout get around 10 percent more out of a work out… they did this by measuring from muscle mass to testosterone levels…… IN my opinion Whoever is bothered by the grunting can go do fucking yoga!

    3. i totally agree. i am american and i would feel so damned awkward if i went to a fucking hippie gym like that. lets lift but we dont want to lift too much now… no grunting, better yet, lets not even break a sweat. fuck that!

  7. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Planet Fitness. I nearly got into a fight with two desk guys because they claimed I breathed too heavily while lifting. SCREW YOU PLANET FITNESS! I love this guy!

  8. I think its fucking gay to not let people grunt during workouts.. i read about this not too long ago in a magazine. They called it the PUSSYFICATION of society lol.

    1. Are you kidding? I am absolutely not a bodybuilder, and I grunt like hell, then again, if you grunt so loud people start complaining, then its a different matter.

      Lol, girls stare at me and giggle, even more the reason to grunt, mwahahaha.

  9. Never saw why the fight went on, so I see little reason to blame Hulk there for getting pissed, the girl may just as well have made fun of his mother dying the day before.

    BUT, that rage was all steroid based, and in the end his own damn fault, I pity him, in a way I pity a rabid dog that nearly killed his owner before I put him to sleep.

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