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    1. It’s a complete setup, what a goofball. TV was propped up & tilted to fall, guitar was balanced ever so slightly, cat was obviously drugged, no reaction. I hope the monitor injured the dumbass reality star wannabee. what a jerk.

    2. You are a complete idiot Assclown! how was it set up you stupid fucking troll get a life and stop faking your whole life you stupid complete idiot. NO just no.
      Ps lol at vid

    1. Yeah, because cats are supposed to knock TV’s on their master’s face. People completely forgot what FAILing means.
      It would be a Cat Win if perhaps it did a triple backflip off the table right after.

    1. Good point! It needs no electricity, if it’s powered by wheel with running hamsters that would explain cats interest.

  1. What is weird is the cat doesn’t even act suprised or scared when it happens. He just keeps going about his business. Normally cats would freak out with loud noises and stuff falling over.

  2. Something about this doesn’t seem right at all. The monitor is not tethered by any cable, to the right, you see some sort of cable or string that doesn’t move which could account for some sort of pulley system, the guitar falls for practically no reason aside from him kicking it perhaps, and… well… why would you be filming yourself doing sit-ups? This is especially important once you realize that you’re doing sit-ups right under a monitor that could possibly fall on you.

    I smell a setup.

    1. Maybe he was trying to youtube it for “celeb” status and this was the only thing he could think off. Filming his cute cat doing something else would’ve been a better choice.

    1. WTF?! What does Thai food have to do…. Oh no… OMFG… Not mr snuggles…. I was told he ran away… Nooooo!

    1. he probably wanted to post a vid on youtube of him being fit… :/ idk people do that sometimes. really self-centered people.

  3. That was a complete cat win, it should’ve been called “big fat mess that’s trying to exercise face plants a cat assisted tv fail”

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