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  1. I mean seriously, what the fuck did he think was going to happen?
    “I’ll smash this fence to bits and then I’ll get laid. Yeah, that will work. Great idea!”

    1. Exactlly what I was thinking!!! WTF. Running up to kick what ever the f this was.Whats up with the stupid laughing? At least he injured something he isn’t going to use any time soon. Hopefully he smashed his balls and now cannot reproduce.

  2. run, fat boy, run–and slam your nutz into a fence. hope he damaged his nutz so bad he never reproduces. future darwin award winner.

  3. he was using his ninja nutsack attack on the fence, but the fence proved to be a worthy opponent. damn u fence you have shamed my nutsack and for that u will pay.

    1. no Naturo is Naruto’s inbred cousin from the bogs of Mississippi so I would consider this a Naturo win because he normally falls before he jumps.

  4. This isn’t funniest home videos…. not really a fail. I hate having to sift through the shit like this to find actual fails on these websites.

  5. got cliped in the nuts.would have not notice if it wasn’t in slow mode. wierd how you notice that alot on this site.

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