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    1. wtffffffff You’re so fat that when running your pansa not let you see what you have to do is amaratela legs and roll like a ball sticks dummmmmmm asss jajajajajaajajajj

    1. his arm wouldn’t be able to bend back far enough to pull his pistol, his utility belt is where most chicks wear their BRA-STRAPS!!!

    2. Which would make getting apprehended by this large fellow that much worse. STOP in the name of the law.

  1. That is just disgusting!! All fat people are a waste. This blob should be removed from his job, and made fun at every turn. I hope he is ashamed of himself.

    1. wow militarymind85, sure the first 100 american jokes were funny, but after 200, its gets kinda lame.


    1. Ok militaryminded85…it’s definitely spelled “been” and shut the fuck up with your lame ass “america jokes” (if that’s what you wanna call them). Get some new material then go fuck yourself with it…

  2. Who knows maybe he is deep under cover, piss on him and watch him explode into action as he body slams your ass in a split second… or watch him try to catch you as your walking away backwards laughing. Either way it’s a funny thought

  3. My first year in high school ball, an opposing third baseman looked like this. We thought he’d be terrible, but one of the upperclassmen told us, “Think he’s no good? You just try to lay a bunt down the third base line and see what happens.” It’d be funny to commit a crime in front of this guy and find out he runs like a deer.

  4. Guess this cop won’t have to worry about wearing a bullet-proof vest. And why do they have that fence put up behind him? He can block the whole crowd with his own girth.

  5. This guy needs to stay at his desk…useless on the streets except for as target practice.
    How the F can he even keep his job as a police officer when he’s that fat and useless?

  6. how the hell did he end up that shape? i mean, everyone has seen a lardarse, but he’s not a natural shape. and why the hell is he a policeman? if my local rozzer was that fat i’d want him fired.

    1. id rather be fat, than a scronny as european kid with fucked up teeth ,and who is pale as hell. Not only that i dont no how you guys wake up every morning knowing that you talk the way you do.

    2. GodsSon, are you serious? “scronny” u mean scrawny? sloths like you give TRUE americans like me a bad name…..and “talk the way you do?” its called an accent you fucking retard i hope you die in a house fire

  7. I dont know why people are talking about fat americans, according to recent studies 61% of the UK is obese as well as 66.5% of Germany. So, 3 out of 5 people you know are fat. Whether or not they look it or not, they probably are. your BMI is what determines if you are fat or not. Someone 5’10/210lbs, yet is a bodybuilder will be considered fat, although that person probably has less than 15% body fat.

    1. how could anyone go buy a piece of shit 6.7. fuckin dumbass. that shit will blow in less than 5 years guaranteed. shoulda stuck with somethin proven

  8. He also looks likes he works in New Orleans, they got some good cooking down here. Thank God there are people like him dedicated to helping others.

  9. Ok first of all:
    He became that shape how?
    And second: stop eating so many doughnuts, fat man. Cops aren’t supposed to live off of those. -_- idiot

  10. Yarg, Aparently it doesn’t matter if he can’t run after ye, what ye should be worried about is his repeatin’ FlintLock pistol and it’s iron Bullets.

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