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    1. I think EuropeGuy was trying to be sarcastic. But he fell short with no setup and a rush to the punchline.

    2. matthieu: where do you think turkey is located if not in Europe?

      And wouldnt it be kind of dumb for them to apply EU membership if not in Europe? 😛

    3. well, let’s not mention about your geographical fail and ignorance about the notions such as Eurasia and EU members that are positioned way eastern. Anyway, I believe Turkey is way more european than the so-called supreme EU members that try to hamstring each other like a buzzard in every way. But again, your fathers told you that you have to despise the one that took the blood out of your butt with a syringe with its culture for centuries while so-called europe butcher each other with their hatchets in the forests. so helpless…

    4. the place where this sh*t happened is on the european side of Istanbul so I hope this ends the retarded discussion europe / asia. and if you guys wonder the man who was on the bridge when it was hit by the truck is alive. 🙂

    1. I bet he was thinking “If I slowly take them out, the nation of Turkey will fall to my demands bahahahahahah.” then he crashed.

    1. Pre 9-11-01, who thought of airplanes as weapons? These terrorists use the resources they have to strike as much damage and fear as possible. Go fuck yourself, it made perfect sense.

    2. pornstar… really…lets drive down the road and HOPE someone it trying to cross the road on the bridge so i can hit it…

  1. what a silly ideas.You guys why there are a turkey enmity..everything’s past,and past is past just look out for future.its not your future its our future.peace.

  2. Turkey is a bridge that connects with asia and europe so istanbul and the other parts place in Europe. Because of that it is a very geographic importance for the world.

    This event unfortunately was in istanbul but before crach the bridge the truck dump was broekn and the driver didnt see that if it was opened after 10 seconds it wouldnt be. this a big bad luck..

  3. first, cenk check your spelling (what a fail) and second, what kind of a dumb-ass would just get into a truck and drive it without checking around it and i’m pretty sure that something in the truck was trying to notify the driver that something isn’t closed or locked down (the dumpster part of the truck).

  4. im living in istanbul. there is so many terorist here. we r riding camel everytime everywere. so many camel in here everyyyweree camel.

  5. yeah you see the pedestrian on the bridge actually fall and probably died right there. But still, its a funny news story lets ignore that bit and laugh as we tell it while his family mourns. Reporter: Epic Fail

  6. EPIC FAIL !!!! thank God no one on the bridge was killed by that maniac when he slammed into the pedestrian bridge

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