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    1. he got fired and went on a rampage and tip over, got helped back up and Continued his rampage and ended with a double fail.

  1. What I don’t get is that the truck being put back onto its wheels and the truck that crashed into the other vehicles are two different trucks … I guess the first truck could have hit that second truck which pushed it over the edge and into other vehicles…

    1. nvm, I thought the second truck was a flat nose, but it was just the first truck and fucked up.

  2. like WTF why the hell wouldn’t this guy turn on the E-brake after it fell over, at least he put it in neutral so it would roll away and into a rival trucking company’s truck.
    anyway its a FAIL/WIN situation

  3. Seen pictures of another story with 2 (TWO!) roll over trucks, they managed to do it just right one after another, conducted by some Palestinian “geniuses”. Second was not on brakes just like this one and started to roll downhill.
    Text is in Russian, but pictures pretty much speak for themselves:

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