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    1. Mommy, mommy I got disemboweled!!
      Right when I saw where he was I thought, “He is not gonna make that.”

    1. Well, parkour is kinda interesting, inspiring a useful thing when performed by someone who knows what the hell is he doing, but this kid obviously just thought “Yeah, I’ll just jump off this thing, whatever it is, for no reason and break a few bones.”

  1. All i can think about is the episode of “the office” when Micheal keeps doing summer salts and yelling parkour!!!

  2. What the FUCK? Was that a fucking advertisement before the video? If this isn’t some one-time fluke, then fuck Epic Fail. I’ll survive on failblog dot org.

    1. Agreed. I think the next one will be on “I Can Give Myself A Haircut With A Lawnmower.”

  3. Oh Dear lord.
    That looked painful.
    I think that was a *bit* too high to just be jumping off of. o_O
    Notice how the camera guy doesn’t break concentration in filming at ALL.

  4. It would have been great if he was paralyzed. Then his already damaged brain (that now has been damaged furthur) won’t damage itself any more.

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