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  1. Wow the fact his eye is looking in two directions really makes it sad how these kids will probably spend half of their lives in therapy.

    1. Nono just the older. The younger two are from a difrent father. The mother didnt faild again… After marry this guy and get pregnant from him she probably is smarter now

    2. They are probley brothers and sisters and cousins at the same time so that would make their children their cousins and nieces…sad world.

    1. Oh wait..i think i just realized something..this MUST be militaryminded85’s family!!! All you have to do is read his posts and you know he would get his family to do that. Oh and might i add he is one UGLY mother fucker.

  2. I feel bad for the girl on the left, in that instance she has daddy’s smile. But she’s permanently fucked with mommy’s nose.

  3. the only way this is parenting fail is you’re pussy. C’mon, so they’re showing the fingers. So what? Do you get offended when people say “shit” too?

    1. It’s like they make their Demonseed look more like us normal people with each unholy birth. Which likely means the baby is even more evil. It must be the Antichrist and will kill us all.

  4. One day the dad will walk in on some mindless red neck boning one or more of his daughters and their response to him will be this gesture. Fuck you Dad get the hell out of here! Perhaps maybe his wife will be swallowing the guy from the trailer next door and the husband will discover it and she will gesture him the same way. This lesson will turn out well for him. Well done asshole way to teach your children respect. With parents like this their future is bright. They can look foward to alcoholism, drug addiction, getting knocked up and maybe even jail. This is the family I want living next door to me.

  5. Amaryca! Home of du free! Where freedum o speech passes down frum parents ter parents, du parents to deir kids, brotha ter sista, o wate i alreadi said parents ter parents.
    if you enjoy laying in jail for a life sentence.

  6. The dad here is the ultimate babysitter. He can see children in two different areas at the same time.
    Notice how in the pic he can look at the camera while making sure his daughter is flipping the bird too and he doesn’t even have to turn his head.

  7. because they are flipping off the camera with their kids is supposed to be a fail? man, there are some over-sensitive pussies out there. “OH NO! DAY IS BAD PARENTS BECAUSE THEY EXTEND DER MIDDLE FINGERZ IN FRONT OF DER KIDZ!” Fucking soft pussies. those kids look healthy & happy, so this is not a parenting fail. this is a fail on the part of the over-sensitive pussy ass poster. Fucking loser.

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