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    1. I don’t care how you cut it, that girl has some great tits, a sweet ass, a nice body and an awesome moose knuckle!!

    1. Only if you have watery diarrhea. Sorry pal, it has to me a real fail, like those pencils or this “fall.”

    1. yea it happened to this one girl i knew. she fell off the monkey bars and she got the black knocked out of her. poor girl….

    2. thanks but how come people treat you like crap here? meh…. must be just trolls i guess. aw crap here they come lol

    3. All successful white people use to be black people that fell case and point Michael Jackson. I can’t wait to see who Tiger woods turns into maybe the next Bill Gates ’cause he use to be OJ Simpson.

    4. @ gboy193
      Nothing more than just black, no need to mutate into something else.
      Examples being Obama and Halle Berry, both are half white half black (white moms on both cases), but everybody sees them as black… maybe it’s different, if you have white dad. 8D

  1. I see censorship is in full swing. I guess we’re not allowed to comment on the quality of the fail. And I’m sure this comment will probably be deleted as well.

    1. Yup. My comment was removed too. I guess this is a nazi site now. Why do I keep checking back? Because it was one of my favorite sites. A site I don’t want to walk away from. But sorry, stuff like this is what’s wrong with the internet.

    1. r u all retarded?? the second girl is a black’y or blackish like gboy193; and u see her at the beginning. so stop smoking weed and comment on vidz. just smoke and make a epicfail vid urself

    1. Which is WIN for color matching too, as theory says blue is the opposite of yellow.
      On second thought, it’s sex FAIL, it’s still the same not the opposite one.

    1. Yep. Knocked the brain right outta her skull. That’s why her “friend” came out around the corner laughing, she’d been trying to kill that bitch for years.

    1. ur comment makes no sense -__-
      and idk y people keep bringing up race, its just a girl that fell

  2. ok explaing this to me;
    If a guy plays xbox or ps3, hes inmature, but if a girl record her self pretending to be a pop singer thats fine?

  3. Why just cause she’s black does everyone have to make comments and attempt poor humour? “She fell down as a black girl and got up as a white girl” why is that funny? The humour is in the video not her colour.

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