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    1. its nothing do with Turkey.
      the search lists are international thus turkish people cant speak english so they probably are not the ones who searched for that

    1. jackelboy, its not this picture was repeated but the search was repeated and submitted a few times.

  1. Hahaha we talk English, but we don’t use Google in English. You can’t see a suggestion like this one in Google Türkiye. Idiots. Do you still think that we don’t know English? I know English, German and Spanish, asshole.

    1. we SPEAK English, whereas you are simply TALKing shit. But hey, let’s hope you “know” German and Spanish at least, petit sot

  2. Just tried “Can I get…” on Google, yeap, still the same – doggies and AIDS from black people in swimming pool.
    How does Google suggestions actually work? If it’s done by simply picking the most popular searches… I’m speechless. (facepalm)

  3. Fake Fail
    I tried “can I get” and none of that crap appeared. And it’s called auto-populate. It suggests the remainder of your search based on the most popular conclusion after any given opening. It adjusts the more you type. No one calls it for being totally fake? It takes less than a second to confirm it was faked.

  4. Yeah, you can get pregnant from Frankenstein too if you like lool And then you can have a threesome with TWO Frankensteins: both previous stated Frankenstein AND the new one you’ll get from fucking with Fluffy!!

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