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    1. 4.75% cash rate… OOOooh & with an inflated curve yield on the principal sum. AAAaaahh… I think a little pre-cum happened?!. What porn? 🙂

    2. I saw that actually, didnt find out until the next day, also the photo’s were of Australian Supermodel Miranda Kerr which means they are FAKE… FAIL

  1. he’s a sex addict. who looks at porn (or sex pictures) in the middle of crowded room at the office. i like how he was trying to be discrete, by only taking quick looks at the porn between bringing up “work” screens. hahahahahaha….

    1. They both drive on the wrong side? Where do you drive? The middle? On the Z axis? Man internet people are stupid

    2. australians drive on the opposite side to americans. so how can we both drive on the wrong side. dumbass

    3. correction stupid as europeans dive on the rong die of the road, i think north america is the only normal continent if you ask me

    1. It would have only taken a fleeting glance while someone was watching the news. No need to reach for tinder…

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