Tattoo Fail


People Fail

Submitted by Mike B.

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    1. I know a guy who had his daughters name tattooed on his wrist & it got spelled wrong. It amazes me that mistakes like that could happen, maybe they were both stoned or drunk? I would think I’D at least know the correct spelling of my own daughters name…lol Strange world. 😉

  1. Wow you guys above me fail. It’s not the butterfly tat, it’s his chest tat. It’s misspelled “chi-tonw” it’s suppose to be “chi-town”.

    1. His job options are many. sweeping the floors, cleaning toilets. Most likely he will be known as “the defendant” as in “will the defendant please rise”. Then he will be known by his number. Until his prison room mate gives him a pet name. The one he uses before he enters his mouth or from behind.
      Whats funnier, this asshole who has to have a mistake tattoo the rest of his life or the asshole tattoo “artist” who is too stupid to know how to spell? Do people proof read Tattoos before they are perminately put on? Seems like that might be a good idea? I guess if you are stupid enough to put that shit on your body , you get what you deserve.

  2. The guy in the photo is a professional body piercer. He’s very good, and pretty well known. He also owns a body jewelry company, specializing in “high end” gold and diamond jewelry. the “chi-tonw” is in protest to his friend who was being sued for a mis-spelled tattoo, if you google the full story, you’ll see it was an easy mistake to make.
    And everyone shit talking the silence of the lambs tattoo, you’re retarded. thats a great tattoo on a tough spot.

    1. Lets just put the misspelling aside for a moment. So you mean to tell me that you think that a grown man getting a giant butterfly tattooed on his neck is not a fail? That leads me to believe that you have a giant unicorn tattooed on your lower back. Do you indeed have a unicorn tatted on your lower back?

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