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    1. Your comments are the biggest fail of all. You repeat the same thing over and over. Get some new material douche.

    2. im getting bord of the american thing now but EuropeGuy has my support 100%… EuropeGuy for world domination

    3. i’m from europe too.. i hate to see other guys from europe pretending like their superior..ok, americans have some problems, can’t deny that but not every single american is fat or a numb nut.., ass hole..turn off the tv and get a mind of your own..greets from germany.
      plus: lol at the guy on the couch showing no reaction..

  1. Oh no!! No, Im ok, Shit!!No I’m good. Whoah! Awww Fuck it< I'm goin down LMFAO!!! Treadmill fails are the best.

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