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    1. lmaoshicomtbtrsiaoaisemta
      (laghing my ass off so hard i choke on my tacco but then recover so its all okay and i start eating my tacco agian) (:

    1. I am,and I love the Cock and Reach-arounds and Salad Tossing/Rim,and Tummy Sticks,Liquid Swords some Feltching would you like Top or Bottom? are you Bi/Curious? we can have some ATM,GOOGLE me myspace,facebook,twitter,etc.


    1. not cool man, this girl probly got sierously hurt, soooo, YOU……. should have put a H in the beginning of your laugh (:

    1. her name is shalequa boniqua iesha kyeesha quanisha lequisha takeesha smith…god get it right

  2. That looks like it was the flyer’s fault and not the fault of any of the spotters. The flyer seemed to launch herself backwards instead of straight up. Ouch.

    1. heart brake princess you are a slut, you probably never broke anyones heart just the opposite and you have an I.Q. of 3% all you do is comment and comment while your masturbating and imagining that your idol ,europeguy, is licking your clit.

    2. I should really let Libby have it here, but I feel sorry for her. Honey, if you’re going to criticize someone else’s intelligence, please get an education first. There are so many errors in your comment that I don’t even know where to begin. Get someone with an education to point them out to you.

  3. Ufff…that was bad…and also the skater fail before…epicfail is getting brutal 🙂 I was surprised that the sister is moving after that landing…spine, neck and head are surely fucked up…

  4. Where the hell were her bases???? I’m a cheerleader and the bases should have caught the flier. I’ve been dropped in students like that and let me tell you, it’s no picnic.

    1. yeah your riight, buuut the cheerleader flew backwards, so the baces wernt able to catch her, so the spoter should have caught her HEAD and not her legs, it just made a clear spot to her head, and you ALWAYS portect your head…. but your right any other day 😀

    2. ya she flew bac im a flyer and i know tht wen i did that i flew ove my backspots head so it kind of is her fault

  5. They meant to do it. they just dont like her and shes a complete bitch that wont keep her mouth shut, it was all planned. FACT

    1. its deff. the spotters fault, when she went up her hands wernt conected to the anckels she just basicly flew her backwards, and the fact that she broke her fall, was a bad thing,bc she didnt portect her head, acctually it made it worse, she held on to her legs, and made her fall on her head 1st, witch is waaaay worse then a broken leg, commpared to permanent damage, so yeah hehe bye 😛 p.s SHE FUCKED UP.!(:

  6. Something like this happened in my high school during a pep rally. I pointed and started laughing so hard I nearly shit myself. To this day I still don’t understand why everybody gave me such dirty looks. It was funny!

    1. Some people just can’t see the funny side of others suffering. I’m not one of them though… this video is fucking hilarious.

  7. dude, notice how when they relize they fucked up, they tried to catch her legs, what, so they can see what, so they can see her hit her head, and possible die.??? this is soooo wronge, and these people are sooo dumb….. bye(:

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