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  1. “Dawg are you seriously hurt?”
    “Dude it hurts, but you know what?…”

    WHAT?! Fucking finish your goddamn sentence!

    1. Yes you do. It’s called a fire cracker, and even if you weren’t supposed to skate down stairs like that, skating isn’t about rules, buddy, it’s about doing fun shit and breaking bones. 😛

  2. Owch!! Kid had balls for attempting such a trick though. Kudos to him and now he has some pretty awesome footage of his battle wounds.. heh

  3. Ouch!! It looked extremely painful!! He took the pain pretty well in my opinion. Someone else would have cried their lungs out!!

  4. these ppl r retarded tho! i mean you have to give them props!
    “DUDE! CALL 911!”
    i mean seriously! go back to first grade!!!

  5. To all the idiots asking if he wanted the number for 911, originally the guy with the broken arm asked them to call his mom. And, why the fuck wouldn’t you want to get an ambulance for that? Broken arms don’t just fix themselves, well, not the way you want them to.

    1. I agree. At first, he yelled, CALL MY MOM! & then immediately after, yelled for 911. I mean, yaa, skaters aren’t exactly the smartest people in the world, but I think they know the number for 911. & why WOULDN’T you call 911??? Seriously?? 911 isn’t just for the fire department or the police… It’s also for incidents like this, where a kid breaks a bone or something, and needs to go to the hospital asap. “Just snap it back into place” yaa, good idea. Sadly, he didn’t dislocate his arm, he BROKE it. There is a big difference there. Trying to snap it back would probably just make it worse. & more painful.

    2. Actually yur pretty stupid if u do call 911 they’re gonna send an ambulance to pick u up n charge you money for that so comment fail ^^^^

  6. Reminds me of the jockey in Left 4 Dead, only he’s crying like a little bitch. When he gets that fixed is when it’ll hurt the most. It’s like breaking it really really slow — been through it twice.

  7. Noone said anything about 911 in the video, he was giving his phone number.

    Geez some people are stupid sometimes.

  8. ahhhhh ohhh myyy GOOOODDDd *runs in circles* call my mom no wait call 911
    okay dude, dude, dude, dude, whats the number
    *then i appear and whip out my pistol, shoot every dumbass in the head* then leave. “Won’t reproduce now! Beyotches!”

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