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    1. 3 comments all after 1 another and all of them dumber than the last, you really could only be american , you know nothing about nothing, and wing the rest, lol , 80% of the fails on here are by americans , you guys really need to stop fucking your aunts and cousins , and i can only guess when you picked your name you were dreaming of gay porn at the time , no wonder you all wander about praising god bless america…cos if he dont…you are all fucked , he is you last hope , no one else cares about you

    2. @gayyankers how can u talk about that dude thinking of gay porn? Your name is GAYYANKERS!!!!! comment fail

    3. @gayyankers can’t spell…he/she fits right into the dumb american community, i think they meant gayyankees…haha nice fail..

    1. WTF? I assure you, that is not a British accent. I mean, I get your humorous comment there, but that’s not British. Maybe missing the Scottish accent was part of the joke, maybe I missed it. I can be slow sometimes, too.

    2. @ Dude.. Nice fucking name you got there pal, think of that one all by yourself? Learn to fucking type and proofread.

      @ militaryminded85 You’ve had some funny comments in the past but lets finish this origin war bullshit. Looking to laugh here, not patriotically fight.

    3. @… Ummm that’d be EuropeGuy (and Militaryminded to a lesser extent). THIS particular fail, ya it was me. But look back through a week or two and you’ll notice a trend. 1.EuropeGuy says the exact same fucking thing, isn’t original, and he likes to touch little boys. 2. I have original comments to compliment my “hating” comments. Sorry I’m actually proud of living in a place, please note the sarcasm on the sorry part.

    4. @PornStar Marc who the fuck are you?… ill say what the fuck i want when i want… i dont say shit for your lols i say shit to make me lol…ill go for ass long as i want with this shit…if you cant take it then stay the fuck out… im not here to make friends iv got that shit in real life

    5. OK, how about we all just calm down, have a wank or something, get a girlfriend maybe, and stop having petty international bitching contests because seriously, it’s only showing how much you got ass-raped as child.

  1. It is a British accent from either Yorkshire/Lancashire region. (And Scotland is in Britain btw lol). But PornStar Marc, really was there any need? Dick

    1. Yeah there was a need. See what had happened was a giant dick was severed and served to some people as food, then someone took a pic and uploaded on here. That started cyber world war 1 and everyone was arguing over what country it was taken in. So many epicfailers got carpal tunnel from the war… Sad week…. That started a very unfunny string of comments about countries that suck, health care was even debated. Then came the constant “country” call outs on every uploaded fail that wasn’t even funny. So as you can see, we are still at war so keep your head down unless you wanna die.

    2. Just tired of hearing the EXACT same shit from every fail from that tard. So this came along and where is he for comment? Silent, cause he knows this time I’m right.

    1. Seems to be everywhere else at the same time, too. I didn’t think it was spectacular enough to take the internet by storm or anything.

  2. Yes they are British but this is such an old clip… It won best home movie on “You’ve been framed” in the 90’s.
    Show me new stuff dam it!

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