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    1. damnit damn neons what the hell name is that for a car were they hoping to get homos riding it? oh wait they did ex. this guy doing a gay burnout… oooh mhy ish sho hot to do a bhurnout

    1. must have been the flywheel. seen it happen before on the track. fucking idiot trying to burnout a front wheel drive automatic

    2. yeah you can see the impression of the piston in the bonnet as is almost shears completely through it. I suppose thats what happens when you give your car shiz, and have no idea what your doing. lol

    3. don’t think the piston went through the head or the intake to hit the hood. possibly the flywheel, or maybe some moving part outside the block.

  1. Might wanted to invest in an LSD. After an engine rebuild. After some body work and new glass. After a check for testosterone for buying such a pussy car.

  2. Is it me, or had the car been in an accident before he finished it off.. (check the misfitting bonnet and boot/trunk, missing window and hubcap, and the fixed camera which hides the obviously smashed up left hand side of the car)

    1. you may be on to something, from the looks of it the hood is a bit mangled, the trunk won’t close and a window is smashed, the car might have been a writeoff and his whole intention was to film himself blowing the motor, either way, kinda dumb

    2. Yeah, he totaled it first…and then he double failed and blew it up kinda…but it was okay cause it was already broken…kinda…

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    8. Yanks: Johnny-come-latelys who will hang around for 10 years after the actual fighting is over, and claim THEY won the battle.

    9. so if yall won then how come its called america not the colonies?? i mean it only makes sence to take somthing you win right??? ohh fuck my bad i forgot yall are british you have no sence…

  3. That poor car. I wonder how badly he junked it before this. It looks like it was a fit-to-match car (the hood, the trunk, and apparently working on the window) and now he blows part of the engine? Damn…he won’t be happy till the car is a total write off…. He could enter in a demo derby and entertain rednecks.

  4. WOW! What a retard! Trying to break torque a front wheel drive car!! lol he was actually PREVENTING it from a burnout. Watch the wheels when the breaks slip, they try to spin but he’s stopping them! Someone should have told that idiot that it take more than beating NFS Underground on his PS2 to know anything about driving a tuner IRL……….also I know Neons are pieces of crap but break torquing on wet pavement!

  5. there was 3 things wrong with that
    1.he used a fucked up dodge neon
    2. he used a fucking neon
    3.he tried to do a burnout in a piece of shit that wasn’t even made for a bullshitting stunt like that one

  6. too bad none of you know the story, the car was rolled, hence missing window. he blew the motor on purpose. get over it

    1. Blew the motor on purpose? Yeah, sure he did. That’s why he wet the pavement and was obviously trying to do a burnout, then proceeds to check under the car and attempt to pop the hood just to see what went wrong. His cadence afterwards is not what you do if you tried to blow up your engine on purpose. Why wet the pavement? Why even bother putting the car in gear at all and sitting it at the end of the driveway? Wouldn’t you act happy if you meant to blow it up? He looks like he’s in shock, then his mom pulls up and he shrugs like “I don’t know what happened”.

      This is the kind of stuff that guys who are pricks in general do. They do really stupid things like this on a daily basis which is probably why the car is the way it is. I’d even bet the reason his window is broken is because he’s a dick and someone put a rock through it or took a tire iron to it. It’s really sad that he seemed to have no idea that doing what he was doing would blow it up. It’s a Dodge for god’s sake, american cars can’t take that kind of abuse for longer than a couple seconds anyway.

      Save the excuses because no one is buying it. The guy is a complete idiot and the proof was caught on tape.

    2. no, he rolled the car…thats why the window was broken…like jon said. duh. and he’s not an idiot most of the time. lol

  7. MaLV is 100% correct on this one, the car was rolled beforehand, thus the dented hood, broken window and trunk. He purposely was trying to just fuck it up. He’s lucky as it was the flywheel that blew up and those are right in front of the driver and notorious for coming through the firewall

    1. actually, thats more for mustangs.

      i beleive it goes mustangs are like tampons, every pussy has one

  8. WOW nice fucking retard, the things some peoples children do when they have a clever idea… dude please for the sake of any other peace of shit car you buy, stick to playstation or xbox. please.

  9. White boys need to work for their cars. Parents spoil them.
    If these boys worked for their cars, they would not be doing this.

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