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  1. to those who are going to say “i don’t get it” … a soldier went to iraq for 12 months and came back and his wife is pregnant..

    1. my father is a army man.
      they can take a break for about 6 to a month break.
      they probley had it while he was on visit.

    2. yeah commo+its me, cos everyone knows the ins and outs of shoot first ask questions later US army r+r .

    3. ummm yeah I am a soldier and we get 2 weeks leave during the tour. Idiots this isnt a fail this is just a pregnant soldiers wife who concieved on his r&r.

    4. so explain why if he was home for r&r at the 6 month break why is she 9 months pregnant?

    5. she looks more like 6 months preggo. she’s actually tiny. The front-on angle makes her look a little bigger tho.

    6. if it was a regular Army soldier he was gone no more than 8 months, if it was reservist, he came home on R&R with in 4-6 months after deploying. She looks about 6-8 month along

    1. -Girl- Idk what army YOUR dad is in. but NO ONE get a 6 month or even a month break.

      ALSO this is NOT a fail. This is retarded.


  2. As has already been said several times around the Internet, it’s likely that he was able to come home on leave during his tour, father the child, and then go back to finish the tour.

    1. I’d like to pretend he missed his flight home, and spend 2 weeks talking on the phone bout how he loves her.

  3. yeah there are pregnant women and newbord children at these meetings all the time. like others have said the soldier gets 2 week vacation. still funny though, but he is the daddy.

  4. If is a two years deployment we get Rest and recuperation(R&R) leave after six month. im not saying she didnt fuck around with someone else, but it may happen.

    1. your right they probabally planned it so he would be home for the birth befroe they sent the poor bastard back

  5. Theres nothing to get. Soldiers get something called R&R, which is mid tour leave. Soldier prolly came home, knocked up his wife and went back. If it was another dudes kid, she wouldnt be making her pregnancy that obvious. Theres no real fail here.

  6. This isn’t a fail. Don’t people know just because they are gone for 12 months dont mean they get breaks to come home and see their love ones. This is one of lame fail where the admin of the site didnt think it all the way through. LOL

    1. Careful, they’ll delete your comment for talking about them. I stated that failblog did this one over a month ago. Ef failed for ripping it off and putting their logo in the corner. Check it out Jan. 5th 2010 on fail

  7. dude the soldier missed his wife so muched instead of sending the wife a letter he instead whacked off and put his lil soldier in a test tube put it in a cryo pack then sent her the package and upon receiving the package from the wife’s end she took it out and put it in the microwave set it in defrost. after defrost she took it put it in a long dropper mod fitted in her dildo “shaped after her husband” and masturbated while on the internet with the husband. on cue when the soldier cums she squeezes the dropper and in goes the lil soldiers of death!!

  8. Thanks for the over kill everyone, after reading it about 6 times I got the damned idea.

    Has everyone not heard the saying “Ignorance is bliss.”?

    1. I’m sure everyone has heard it, but I’m also sure some people think ignorance is annoying as fuck.

    2. Not to say that the overkill was okay, I actually found it annoying, since the more recent people explaining it had to have seen the first explanation. Plus I kinda figured it out myself.

  9. that is a FAIL!!!! the kids in the way of the preggo now her husband cant see the other guys baby bump!!! MOVE IT KID!!!

  10. Ummmmmm…… Yeah people your all stupid if you didn’t see other epople pointing out obvious maybe she was pregnant and he was just coming home on his two week leave who’s to say… Not me possibilities are endless…

  11. I am thinking that she is only about 6 months pregnant….soldiers do get 2 weeks off halfway through their deployment.

  12. okay seriously?? this is fucked. troops get to come home in the middle of their tour. she wouldn’t be proudly waving a pregnant belly like that if he wasn’t the daddy. get a fucking life and actually pay attention. the person who posted this is therefor the one with the epic fail.

  13. my wife found out she was adopted, i comforted her and we ended up making love….. during the act was it wrong for me to say who’s your daddy

  14. have some respect this guy is serving our country stop treating our military guys like shit ….they die every day for you Grow UP aparently shes pregnant by him again when they already have a son

  15. Or that kid’s dad has been gone for 12 months and the lady next to him has a husband that has been gone for 6. It does not say the pregnant girl is his Mom. They just happen to be standing next to each other.

  16. people are dumb! my dad is in the army. they have r&r, you know! he must have came home for that. they obviously had a little too much r&r.

  17. Just for the record, people get R&R dumbasses, they get leave for 2 weeks and go home or where ever they may want to go, and then back overseas. You people need to educate yourselves, you look like fools commenting on this.

    1. Sooo….You obviously have read the comments yet you repeat the same stuff thats been said about 100 times? lol you fail

  18. Jody got to her, your best friend.
    When he got home he found his wife just the way he left her, freshly fucked!
    20years ago that’s what the Drill Sargent’s would tell us with a smile on their faces.

  19. depending on the leinght of the tour u get between 12 to 18 days or r&r and depending on the unit u dont have to be over there for six month to b able to take leave. when i got there we had ppl going after 2 to 3 month after getting there. so he could’ve went home early, lets say after 3 months. and there is your answer. there is a wonderful thing called google, some ppl here need to use it sometimes if they r not sure about facts…!!!

  20. My brother is in the Army at when he left for Iraq he got to come home for two weeks from his tour…The soldiers come home for 2 weeks they are not gone the whole time this is not a fail they could have made the baby when he was on break. K Thanks

  21. Well,i guess the guy went on a break during that time..
    I did my share of tours and with 12 months you get a 2 week break..But sharpshooter indeed..:)

  22. I MUST have the rest of this story. GoDDAMN IT. did he find out? did he kill her? was he too stupid to figure it out? was it his brother? does he kill his brother? so many potential endings. i MUST KNOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  23. Funny thing about being deployed. YOU GET 2 WEEKS LEAVE ABOUT HALF WAY THROUGH!! My husband is about to deploy to Afghanistan for 12 months and he gets to come back in November for 2 weeks. Poor girl has her picture posted all over the internet and people making her look bad. Do some kind of research before you assume.

  24. that does look like 6 months preggo to me. for the ppl that think she’s 9 months in that pic,look at it again. thats pretty tiny for 9 months. I was waaaaaay bigger than that at 9 months. like 2 or 3 times that size.

    1. no, but maybe if you guys mention it like 30 more times, I could hum a few bars and fake it.

  25. Or consider the fact that the child waving in the picture may be unrelated to the pregnant woman and the father referred to in the caption has nothing to do with that woman.

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