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    1. Clatto Verata N… Necktie… Neckturn… Nickel… It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word! Clatto… Verata… N-

    2. WoW! You’re so fuckin’ cool! We got totally pwned and we should all just bow down to your … oh, just go fuck yourself!

    3. Congratz Noobz you’ve just proven that with 15 years of your life hacking a simple website makes you the shit. You must be SOOO Proud.

  1. Stupid American thinking he can lift weights like European Bodybuyilder, well you can’t! You are an American therefore you are:
    c)Both of the above.

    1. (O_O) ,,!,,

      Fuck you asshole!

      I stole the finger thing from someone on this site, I’ll have to thank that person when I see it again.

    2. So tell us EuropeGay, just how many americans did you mother get gangbang by while you watch? You cant leave any comments without talking about America. For a person that claims to hate us, you sure love talking about us. Even when the fail has nothing to do with America you still find a reason.

  2. The same “weak” Americans who saved your ass from German occupation?

    How is this a sentence “You are an American therefore you are Fail?” Your attempts to make fun of us, still the biggest fail. How about you fail to comment on here and quit embarrassing yourself?

    1. Looks like PornStar Fail is with roid-rage.
      And we Europeans turned you americans from naked indians to what you are today. To us you americans are just a Colonization Fail.

    2. So we took the best of you and amplified it while you remained stagnant. So why don’t you sit back, chomp down on a dick and ball sandwich, stop touching little boys, and go fuck yourself.

    3. EuropeGay… When you say us, who are you talking about? Is your whole country tuned in to your pc watching and waiting for you to pwn one of us? That’s kinda sad when you believe your country has your back on a fail site. (>_<) ,,!,, EuropeGay

    4. So your whole country is tuned in to this site? Country fail! Now, answer my question fagbag (‘_’) ,,!,,

    5. @Europeguy: Wow once again you’ve demonstrated your lack of knowledge about America. First of all you didn’t do sh*t. Second of all America was founded by a group of people who agreed your continent sucked and opted for a better one. So in retrospect you fail.

    6. serious is right, it’S inteligent europeens that came in america because there country was shit and to leave all those shit heads
      and buy the way, americans or canadians arent indians, we killed them.

  3. How does a video of an idiot doing something he wasn’t prepared for turn into a debate about whether or not americans are weakest or europeans are weakest. . . Human Family Fail.

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