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    1. The irony of not actually understanding Portuguese was kinda what I was aiming for. But thanks for the literal translation anyway 😐

  1. im actully suprized that the rest of the world actully functions outside of america and england…like these country’s have actully got ther own tv shows and everything…actully

    1. “actually”, how in the fuck do YOU function with vocab that lousy? How high do you need to aim when functioning from mommas basement without a J.O.B. lol

    2. Portugal is an amazing country, it’s done more than most have in history do some research on it before you speak

    3. Your comment just shows how much stupid and ignorant you are.Just google Portugal and you will see, one of the best country’s in Europe and sincerely is much better than England !
      Do me a favour and go back to school or maybe not …we need ignorant people like you in this world…he he he

    4. التراسل الفوري ستعمل عصا قنبلة يصل مؤخرتكafter my goet fucks you

    5. never heard of a certain DUTCH tv prod company called ENDEMOL? Big Brother, just to name one of its shows

    6. is the stupidity and lack of culture give pain, people like you would never say a word, they would spend their lives screaming and wishing their own death, not to suffer anymore.

    1. Your just jealous we have more nukes. And bigger penises. And better teeth. And can get away with consuming the bulk of the globe’s resources. Go back to your competitive knitting whoresalad.

    2. Estes filhos da puta dos americanos que vão levar no cu à bruta…tanto orgulho encolhe as pixas a estes cabrões do caralho lol. A verdade é que qualquer português que se preze, vai aos estados unidos mandar uma foda nas namoradas destes paneleiros (que estão a passar férias nas caraíbas ou algo por aí hehe).

  2. I can’t remember where I read this but its totally true “Wearing sunglasses inside gives you the false impression of being cool.” which is totally true.

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