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    1. It’s funny to see the guy, all serious, “opposed”… Then he’s like fuck it, I’m running with this shit

    1. ,,!,, (*_*) ,,!,, EuropeGay… Haha…
      God I love my fucking fingers, thank you Maximus or whatever your name was.

    2. Other Fact: Slavery came from Africa (Egypt).

      You can also try to reply to this, if you have any good argument, which I doubt very much.

    3. @Assclown Thats hilarious. Sorry for the mix up, I meant it as a degrading comment not a shout-out.

    4. I still win, read carefully:

      “Historians can trace slavery in Egypt from an early date.[citation needed] Private ownership of slaves, captured in war and given by the king to their captor, certainly occurred at the beginning of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1550 – 1295 BCE).”

      You even fail at using wikipedia, do you work at Burguer King or what??

    5. Remove the “Futbol” from your anus eurotwat. “America comes from europe” well give yourself a pat on the back for everything you inexplicably hate soo much. fuckin faggot.
      and no i aint talkin bout sticks or cigs

    6. “There is no way to know where slavery originated because almost every culture that existed has practiced slavery at one time or another. The idea of forcing people into labor for profit is as old as humanity itself.”

      +1 Internets for me?

    7. @Europeguy: America was founded because the British were assholes; so don’t get all high and mighty, douche.

  1. LOL….This is hilarious when did this become about Europeguy? The video is funny cause of how idiotic it is, lets stick to topic and rip on the reporter, except if Europeguy is related to her, then in which case he is fair game.

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