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  1. Who Dat? someone who needs his ass kicked. What a jerk off! The crowd should have kicked his ass! He just fucked up someones car! Hopefully he’ll get jail time and someone will fuck up his asshole real good!

    1. 1. The man who offers narrates this video is a moron.
      2. Why did nobody help the man who fell through a window?
      3. Who dat? Can you not type?

    2. wow 2 fails off of one post
      1) thats deffinatly steelers colors, saints are gold and black.
      2) the guy who tried correcting you, obviously knows nothing of new orleans, the saints, or even football for that matter. seeing they won the super bowl every1 should know what “who dat” is

  2. الذي فشل في الحياة.. عندما كنت خلال كل تلك المتاعب لترجمة هذا كدح…

    1. @HeartbreakPrincess..and just like they say to fellow femail troops in the army… bend over or die…just watch g.i.jane

    1. I notice a pattern here. You try with the same lame comment and get trounced over and over again by different people. Huh, neat.

  3. leave it to new orleanians to get all excited about the saints winning when they need more attention so they dont feel bad about getting hit by hurricane katrina

    1. leave it to yourself to make an ass out yourself. to just assume thats saints fans. why dont u actually look at the colors jackass

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