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    1. It’s not Slavic, those are Lithuanians our Southern brothers, it just have some words borrowed or close to Slavic languages (they are neighbors after all)… especially obscene ones heard on this video, Russian is out of competition in this field in exUSSR. 8D

  1. Guess what Bill, the world contains more than fat, stupid americans… There happens to be a few billion other people on the planet, and a few of them have digital cameras and internet access.
    Human stupidity is universal….

    1. @Youth:
      Bill never said that foreign countries didn’t have video cameras or internet, dumbass. He spoke simply of an observation he made; without any negative connotation. You, sir, have a inferiority complex which makes you speak out against people on the internet. I presume this is because you’re a weakling that can’t behave the same way in public because you’ll probably get your ass beat. Therefore, you reside on the interweb trying to mock others in order to gain “cool points” from others that share your disposition.

    2. double fail. you made a predictable mom joke which is overdone not original. And that you admitted to have a tiny penis which is your second fail. Have a good day

    1. *This is not*

      is that such a big fail, mispelling an S for an N? If it is, then I can’t imagine how much of a fail you americans are.

    2. Are you serious? Do you even know for certain if that car is manual? By the way, I’m an American, and I know how to drive manual

    3. Mines a six speed AWD twinturbo, Dodge Stealth dynoed at 415AWHP currently. But which companies are pushing automated manuals- VW, Audi, Ferarri, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes to a lesser extent. Hmmm what do these companies have in common?

      Keep talking out your ass pal, I can do this all day.

    4. BAHAHAHAHA!!!! he rides a bicycle, with the seat removed for extra pleasure!!! pornstar marc gets an “EPIC SCHWINN”

    5. trip-tonic transmission… it’s like phone sex… you don’t get any REAL connection!!! I bet europeguy can really “work the stick,” he should change his name to euro-GAY, since he’s knob-gobbling all the time!

  2. Just to let you know its in Lithuania… they were speaking lithuanian… and if you look closer at the end you will see some1 holding the plate numbers and you can see just for a secound the letters on the side “LT” which is Lithuania

    1. Personally I like Flipped Over Russian Dumpster. But the 2011 Mustang GT is coming back with the 5.0L and 425hp, no laughing joke there. Hell the sixer is making 305. How many Jap / Euro cars can make either of those power values for under 25k(V6) / 30k (V8)? Might turno out to become First On Race Day.

    2. pornstar marc, i gotta say man, your comment got me a lil hard there. there’s a 2010 shelby sitting in the parking lot at my work… it really hurts driving past it in my 4 cylinder colorado!!!

    3. well, the concept is there, but they are having issues with the bearings egging out and the valve seats are non existent(they bore them right into the head)! this is my last Colorado, until they get there act together on a few issues; both political and mechanical!!

  3. Why are US Citizens the only Americans? Last time I looked Canada and Mexico and a slew of other countries share both the North and South American continents. I think we need to be a little more careful to point out that we are US Americans because a Canadian and a Mexican can equally claim to be patriotically American without ever leaving their country.
    As for me I’m Arizonan and damn proud of it.
    Now I happen to have a soft spot for our Russian brothers and I wish they would quit their drinking.

    As for the video, what a waste, they destroyed that car for no fucking good reason at all. Now he has a fucked up car for basic transportation just from fucking around.

    1. “what a waste, they destroyed that car for no fucking good reason” Did we watch the same video? They busted the headlight, and crumpled the surrounding area. Simple fix, if you know what you’re doing.

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