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    1. ill bust one in her face while her friend holds her face kinda foursome with fries on the side..

    1. yea..every black dude that comes thru a club is looking to rape some white chick..shes prob looking up and her limp dick alcoholic abusive white boyfriend on the balcony thinking damm..i hope he doesnt see me grinding on this guy

    2. I just wonder why shes looking back.
      The other 2 girls dont even notice him.

      Must be SOME reason why she turns her head around 180 degree’s.

    3. yeah, definetely a weirdo, that guy
      He wants to be in the picture and creeps up on her, lol.

      So, james, yeah if a black guy does creepy stuff, we say he does creepy stuff.
      Nothing rascist about that, dude

    1. That’s some incredibly confusing grammar… possibly the first time I’ve seen a double-double-negative… and all in 10 words. Congratulations David, you are retarded.

    1. nice one!hey, i think i have a disease, called shut-the-fuck-up-before-i-slap-your-dumbass.what do you think?

  1. She is scared because now they also have to kill this witness, right after the other girl wastes the brunette bitch. Oh, and the brunette isn’t ugly!

    1. Ehh, shes a butterface. To much forehead and a little heavy on the jowls. Also in the pic her nose looks odd. Call me a picky SOB though.

  2. Its a fail because she hadnt seen her friends for 10 years, but like all good white women her black dick radar kicked in. “fuck the picture this dude looks like he would bang the shit out of me!!” I bet that night she chocked on his chocolate stick and got creampied…diluting the white race one by one baby!!!

  3. Her: “Oh fuck…he appeared out of no where…damn.”

    Him: “I know I’m getting some white pussy after this picture.”

    1. Ahhh the art of sarcasm..lost on so many dullards. Right, Nicky?

    1. Actually, that’s what I was thinking. The “passing through” and “skittish white girl” part, not the “is he” part.


  4. Don’t really know where the hell most of you SOBs are comin from… but I sure as hell would tap that ass. (not the white bitch the guy)… hey Im a girl… can you blame me?

  5. she probably never felt ah dick so BIG and realizing wut the fuck her ugly ass been missing out on fucking with them lil dick white bois.

    1. I’m sure there is a sentiment buried ‘neath all of that nonsense you tried to type.. but it’s lost due to your inability to use legible grammar.

  6. Why can’t black people dress up in nice clothes, rather than a hoodie and looking like they will rob and rape everyone in the room? Also, they have no shame in which they will make girls uncomfortable by intruding personal spaces just like in this picture. If you want Respect monkeys, be respectable

    1. Who the fuck are you to tell anyone what they want to wear?And, ‘Monkey’?Really?And he probably was just passing by, and she probably has poor judgement skills

  7. Look a little more closely people. The black man is too flat even in this photo. Its a card board cut out of some guy!

  8. Man white people are so dramatic all that niggah was doin was passin by, and she lookin like he’s goin to do somethin to her. the fuck outa here.

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