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  1. He wouldn’t fit in the chimmney, so he’s trying to go in the back door!
    Merry Christmas bitches from your friendly neighbourhood rape-deer 😉 Stay off the naughty list next time!

  2. Dashing through the snow with this dumb little schmuck.
    O’er the yard we go.
    This little kid, I’m gonna fuck.

    1. And sadly he was giggling and typing feverishly while humming the tune to himself to make sure it fit.

  3. Moments later the deer was shot, gutted, and served for dinner. A little zesty, must not have gotten all the fight outta him, but delicious!

  4. He thought she looked kinda cold so he offered some Dickens Cider to warm her up…judgement ain’t exactly the overall reindeer strong point… 😀

    1. i cant stand that about camara men…if somethings gonna happen fucking film it…like sometimes you need it for evidents in court or some shit…dont be a camara pussy guy

    2. Evidence not evidents, Camera not Camara or Camaro either, that’s a car, So, when were you discharged from the Army anyways?

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