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  1. looks just like when i’m playing GTA! insane buss rampage. i don’t think the buss drivers inssuranse company likes him after that…

    1. The driver didnt realise he was on a highway, prolly didnt even realise he was driving a bus me thinks . . .

    1. google ‘bad chinese drivers’
      these chinky bastards have no concept of driving-no common sense or coordination
      goddamn yellow peril! we should drop the big one and put them outta their chinky misery.

    1. you win at ‘stupid’, analboy
      nobody says pwned anymore
      it was stupid then, it is stupid and outdated now
      you–are–stupid, stupid.
      now go be stupid somewhere else, stupid.
      and try not to be stupid about it, stupid.

  2. That’s really really bad. A lot of people must have died, seeing as when a bus crashes into a car at speed generally most people in the car are crushed by their car and then die. Plus one car at least flipped over. What the hell was the driver doing? I’m hoping he lost control of the bus and wasn’t just a really really awful driver.

    And Mr.B – lots of bus companies have cameras in case of accidents, or some have outside cameras which show on a screen inside the bus so the passengers can see where they’re going.

    1. If you read the above report, the driver said he was “only going 60-70km/h” but “couldnt recall the moment of impact or how it happened”. Sounds like BS to me to know what speed your going (or atleast to claim) and not know anything about the accident.

      It looks to me to be going faster than 60-70km/h and using no braking whatsoever the whole time. My guess is that he passed out or something or maybe fell asleep.

    1. Tard is already short for retard, no use to shorten it more. Who the hell rides a bus in America? Shit I have like 5 cars.

    2. I guess T must be short for “Take it up the ass with a 14 inch dildo as your getting cream pied bukkake style by 10 black guys”

    3. Stupid Americans that fantasize about taking it up the ass with a 14 inch dildo as you’re getting cream pied bukkake style by 10 black guys.

      and V grammar fail its “you’re” not “your” go back to elementary school.

      And i would also like to note thanks for creating McDonalds and spreading your shit food all around the globe.

    4. Hey when you’re down to your last few dollars and need to eat, you’ll thank us for that $1 mcChicken! (o_o) ,,!,,

    5. @ chaotic theory
      i agree i ate 2 cickenburgers today and one yesterday xD
      i just love MCdonalds .. and the french ppl fail … i was there for an exchange and there is a cheeseburger 2,10ā‚¬ and a BicMac 6ā‚¬ !!( im german here is a cheeseburger 1ā‚¬)

      LOL ^^ great joke laughed my ass off

    6. Yeah, stupid for ever helping ingrateful sheeple around the world. Screw your own countries up and genocide yourselves to oblivion, we don’t give a sheet anymore…

  3. with 4 dead and 8 injured i’d view this is ‘not funny’; since the tone of this site is to reflect on the lighter side of life… why nog remove this one item, eh?

    1. no, not new here… but this is the first time i feel the drama is bigger then the fail. Laughing at someone else’s misery is quite all right but there can be limits maybe?

  4. I thought at first it was video game footage until the text came on screen. Maybe this guy had a seizure? That would explain why he kept going to fast.

  5. The Bus Driver Niko Belic was quoted as saying “My friend CJ said this would be good job, I go back to working for my cousin in Liberty City now”.

  6. I’ve seen this on TV before. He was texting on his phone…looked up from his phone only to see he was too late to slow down in time. It’s kinda sad actually, because alot of people did get seriously injured…

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