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  1. I gotta tell you, I don’t think this is actually a fail. If you look carefully, you can see that there is a stripe along the left side of the white area in question- I think it’s a towel. I think that is a server in a restaurant ( it’s obviously a restaurant), I think they are wearing regular shorts, and they have a towel tucked into either their shorts or their apron, which is not unusual. It’s clearly summertime, since the girl is wearing a tank top.

    1. nope that there is TP, not a towel, look too thin to be a towel and the “stripe” you see is the tear between sheet of TP. i do agree on the shorts though. but it still looks like he’s in his draws.

    2. The stripe is the blur between the TP and his shorts.

      I wouldn’t want him to be a waiter at the restaurant I eat at.

    3. First of all, you can actually see the tear between TP squares at the very top, closest to his shirt, and second, those are boxers. The guy doesn’t even have his pants on.
      And what the hell does the fact that it’s summer have anything to do with the fact that the guy can’t even remember to put pants on?

    4. damn Papillon just go along with the fail and just laugh at the fact that this guy forgot some TP in his ass crack

  2. Yeah it’s a towel folded lengthwise and tucked into the top of his shorts for convenience, he’s a bus boy is all.

  3. I only buy the towel theory because I can’t imagine how anyone would ever have a three foot long piece of tp stuck to their ass and not notice.

  4. I love all the people saying “no it’s a towel”… If it’s a towel, why is it torn at the top?
    And I can understand how this guy could not realize that he’s growing a TP tail since he obviously doesn’t care or notice that he’s lacking a pair of pants.

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