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    1. and this is comming from a tard that dosent even know the meaning of grammer. insult fail :/ scrub!!!

    2. ^ that was really petty, obviously it was the one and only word in that comment, so it’s going to capitalize it.Dip shit.

    1. you remember that daniel guy? (the retard who got crushed by an awesome amount of hate comments) i think EuropeGuy is about to share the same fate *lol*

    1. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Holy shit it must be the same guy. kid was still 2 feet from the water.

    1. Well, that and about a million other pointless reasons. But hey…now all of us mortals get to screw up and say sorry and still keep screwing up because of it.. so… thanks. LOL :))

  1. I love how he was talkin about doin a spin and sittin down on the other side…only to fail in almost mirror fashion the second time. ^_^

  2. Nobody see the “friends” around him ? Everybody is saying “common do it and laughing”.
    They saw him bleeding but they keep telling him to jump.
    This is mass stupidity.
    American way.

    1. You are sooo right! Only in America can you be this dumb and survive. Us Euros should learn that you don’t have to die to be epicly stupid.
      Signed-‘Trampled guy at the soccer game’

  3. I wonder if that kid is dead from the staph infection I’m sure he contracted from that stupidity? This is why I’m glad I never had boys. Girls don’t (normally) do things like that. lol

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