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    1. why they running in?
      I’d be bored as fuck and sit anywhere -_-
      on the other hand if it was to run out
      There I’d be first

  1. I`d show my compassion and help her out, take her to the toilets, put my hand on her shoulder and say sweet words to her and than i`d give her a gentle massage and than open up her pants and finger fuck her sweet you punani…no joke..hahaha

    1. @ IHAVEaFANCYpenis, I don’t let strangers fuck me. But I guess your okay with that because that’s how you were born.

    2. HeartbreakPrincess i would like to get to know you and show you my compassion and help you out, take you to the toilets, put my hand on your shoulder and say sweet words to you and than i`d give you a gentle massage and than open up your pants and finger fuck your sweet royal punani…no joke..hahaha

    3. my little blow me, I hate to burst your bubble but that sweet royal punani is actually an aids infested black hole that swallows unsuspecting men.

    4. my little blow me, I don’t have a “sweet royal punani” but I’m sure when your dad makes you fuck his…you’ll have second thoughts.

      Plus, my poon is only accessible to my fiancee 😛

    5. hearbreak you’re smarter and funnier when you don’t speak.
      1. No punani? sucks for your “fiance” (wink wink)
      2. Dads are usually men and don’t have punanis
      3. Your “fiance” cheated on you. he will deny it but we both know he’s lying. Think about it.

    6. Scubasteve, damn you! She didn’t know that I’ve been hittin her fiancé. Don’t worry I’m not gay, she’s a lesiban. Btw I’ve been waiting to use that big daddy reference for a while, just waiting for the right moment 😀

    7. Scubasteve said it all…..

      You`re boring princess, no sweet royal punani, no sex with strangers and no sense of humour. I gotta have something else to offer..since you have a fiancee…are you really princess?

    8. Yes! I finally have people that agree on how much of a stupid, un-funny bitch heartbreak is. I love it, almost as much as I love masterbating to the olympics.

    9. @my little blow me how old are you, because where i come from that could be classified as pedophilia.

    1. it’s a chick, they played it twice & you could play it as often as you like til you figure out the gender.

  2. that fat piece of shit pushed her on purpose! you see…no one likes fat people cause not only are they ugly they have no class lol

  3. If you keep checking somewhere around 0:13, it seems like the fatty pushed her into the desk. Stupid fuck. As most everyone else has said, it’s sad that no one had the decency to help her out.

  4. i dont think he pushed her on purpose, i just think he was running like everybody else and he did made her trip…i think it is more like the lack of manners he has, he should have helped her.

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