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    1. Who are you?…”Skip McButtercup” the local meteorologist? Keep comments focused on the fail buddy, Capiche? lol 😉

    2. Hey, look… the bitch on the back is wearing a black bra… you know what they say about chicks that wear black underwear… mabe shes going to pop out another kid for the other arm lol.

  1. This is Mexico, the land of the “‘nombre, no pasa nada!”
    (“C’mon, nothing is gonna happen!”)… until it happens.

    And yes, I have seen many times the whole family, 3 kids, husband and wife all riding a shitty motorcycle on the highway. Potential gore material at its best.

    1. mmm that happend in playa del carmen ….
      all the persons that have moto they think that all the family fits in there ,,,, mmmmm

    2. Actually, I would say this is ok in like every country except for North America and Europe, lol.

    1. true. i agree. but not the fact that this is mexico. could be someplace in Cali, or Arizona. but wouldn’t you like to be riding your motorcycle and have your girl topless behind you?… minus the baby.

  2. yes its mexico take a look at that sentra taxi still sold as new in here . te la mamaste con el fail carnal de donde es de coahuila o de monterrey

  3. I’m sick of women wearing black bras under light shirts. Don’t advertise the bra, we don’t care. Advertise the tits instead.

  4. yes, it’s Mexico, Yucatan probably, I think, but I’m not sure, I mention this because I live there and the street looks familiar

  5. I get 50-Miles to the gallon on this hog…Sattle up partner lets go to Aspin and give Mrs. Sampsonite her breifcase.

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