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  1. i swear to god you fucking white boys are y\the stupidest fuckers ove ever seen.makes me ashamed to be half white…assholes

    1. GemStar= Trollface. Fuckwit. If you still can’t understood what he wrote you should possibly think of going back to school.

    2. @ ?? You need to go back to school and learn grammer before telling someone else to. Dumbass.

    3. Grammar* And to Kaliyah, feel free to denounce your white heritage and embrace the other half… cus we don’t want mongrels anyway.

  2. The guy is lucky the pellet didnt go straight up through into his brain or sommat, that would have been an instant fail.. hello darwin awards..

  3. This is the most shameful vid I have seenn… makes me ashamed of being human…. PLEASE SEND THIS PERSON BACK TO THE HOLE HE CAME OUT OF….. every brain cell of his waz wasted…..

    1. The black hole from which he came…that would be his mother’s womb. I guess he could fit, just use butter..

  4. By far the greatest display of idiocy I’ve ever witnessed. Look on the bright side, that cavity above your sinus passage(where the brain is supposed to be) now has a BB to guide your brain stem.

    You… Get out of the gene pool before you pollute the water.

    1. Hey now hes actually got a bb to toll around in the emptiness!! Maybe itll make him smarter! 😀

  5. lmfao, how did I miss this one? Fucking classic. Love how his “friend” says “Don’t even think about it, just do it.” Yeah, that’s always a good idea. That’s the same thought I had before I got my g/f pregnant.

  6. WTF!? How stupid must you be to stick a bb gun up your nose, knowing that it could kill you just as easy as shooting yourself with a rifle! smh. Kids these days!

    1. too bad that it was only bb’s to bad it wasn’t a shotgun. it’s not like he uses hes brains anyway, fucking looser

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