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  1. Is it male of female?
    I see adams apple, masculine face and haircut but it seems to have breasts, girl blouse and has a woman’s necklace on and girly earings.

  2. Ok, am I the only one who’s sick of these overtan douche fails? Someone please engineer a virus that attacks only these narcissistic bastards and wipes them from the face of the earth!

    1. working on a swine flu+ avian flu hybrid that kills people like these who shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

      then again =there is always AIDS

  3. HAHA! This is a guy called Sidney Lee from denmark! Google him there is way more fun shots of him out there =) And hes a Pro Gamer!

  4. Since it’s a dude, I’ll vote for masculinity fail…
    What’s with this whole metrosexual/androgynous fad?
    I’m a man, and I like looking like a man…. No fake tan, no Ed Hardy clothes, no designer jeans, just my Levi 501’s and a plain black t-shirt…
    Don’t be afraid to let your balls drop boys! Be proud you have a penis!

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Kingueen of Guidos, Sidney “Bitch” Lee. if he goes to jail for ANYTHING he’s gettin’ tore up.

  6. Just so you know, it’s Sidney Lee from Denmark. and trust us, we are not proud of having him here.
    he uses mascara and make up too,

    1. Are you sure that when you say “him”, are you sure you want to put it in either gender class??? Wouldn’t want anyone to feel offended on either side of the fence. Just kick “it” out of the whole damn playing field.

  7. Oh god! Sidney Lee… Danish… EEWW!!!! I think if you hug “him” he makes you as brown as “him”…?

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