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  1. Okay. I know this girl, it is NOT katie the singer, her name is stephanie schwartz. look her up on facebook if you dont believe me. she lives in wbl minnesota, and NO this picture is NOT photoshopped

  2. U ever think she might b cing what u fucktards r writing, im sure every1 of u dumbasses has sumthing wrong witcha……..ASSHOLES

  3. Even she is a child of the Lord. Take courage my dear for you have an inner beauty. Seriously though there is a lot that doctors can do nowadays, and I don’t mean like Heather Locklear, I mean in a positive way. In the meantime, while your’e saving up for the operation, keep yourself locked in your room. There’s a good girl.

  4. With a few exceptions, most of you people have successfully showed me that society is evil.
    And how dare some of you say God’s name with words of malice against his own creation?

  5. I reckon IT looks like the guy from that Will Ferrel film, Ricky Bobby’s race driving team mate (wearing a wig).
    SHAKE N BAKE good buddy..

  6. wow a friend of mine linked this on her facebook so I wanted to check it out…. I’m sad not for her but all of you poor souls that have to bash a girl just to make yourselves feel better… Then to call people names who defend her hahhahaha thats classic!!! grow some balls put your picture up so we can all bash your flaws…. BTW threatneing death on anyone make you way uglier than anyone could be…. get a life 🙂 have a lovely day

  7. If you notice the features in the background, you may find that this Swamp Troll has changed occupation and become an Average Resident In Your Neighbourhood Troll, eating children, destroying trees, gardens and fauna, emitting large amounts of methane and raping young drunk teens and posting videos on the net afterward. Not much different than your average troll or priest, I guess.

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