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    1. haha the first thing I thought of was “This thing looks like something from H.R. Giger’s ‘Alien'”

  1. “The hard upper crest of the head is used as a battering ram for self defense as well as during mating season. This provides something in the form of protection for the brain from shock and blunt damage. In this photo, we see a sad case where said crest did not protect the brain as it should have. If you’ll notice the bizarre manufacturing of the mane, it appears this one has lost its fucking mind. It will only be a matter of time before nature finishes what it started…”

  2. Fuck the hair, the real fail is being named Laqueasha. That name screams “I can’t wait till I find out who my baby daddy is so that nigga can watch latylenol while I cash my gummint check”.

    1. Judging based on someone’s name is lame…I know many highly educated people who do not have a baby’s daddy. This comment is highly offensive. I agree her hair is a fail, it is pretty funny. However, there is no need to be prejudice .

    2. its not really prejudiced at all…. you say you cannot judge by a name, well in this case man, its pretty spot on… Laqueasha in a MUG SHOT, not a ghetto hair do, this mo fucka is ghe-TTOOOOE! This…. individual is tantamount to the fat ass nasty welfare sucking white trash that feel they have to accumulate more little dogs that paris fucking hilton to both justify their existence and display a piss drenched dog shit laden living room to their guests while watching jerry springer…. only in THIS ladies case, its Maury, and re runs of 227