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  1. I’ll say it before EuropeGay does
    EuropeGay says: Must be an American
    Chaotic Theory says: No read the title again donkey-fucker
    Is he dead yet?

  2. No fail about those zamboni’s? This stuff can happen, but the massive zamboni breakdown was one of the truest fails of these Olympics.

    1. Asshole, I obviously used the ph where the f goes to be a little different. You really think I don’t know it’s spelled with an f? The fucking title says “French Olympian Fail”. You FAIL at life.

    2. Now that’s SO original! Wow! Besides, how does a fail of a french olympian make french people so bad? You, sir, are an asshole…

    3. Oh NO! AiMLEzZz thinks I’m an asshole! Oh God how will I ever make amends so I can be liked again? I can’t leave the house or bathe or do anything now since my self worth depends upon what some random person on a web site thinks of me. Boo Hoo.

    4. The point is, that you have ABSOLUTELY NO reason to insult French people but you’re not getting it at all and probably gonna say something like “USA FTW, bitches” again and continue being a jackass.

    5. AiMLEzZz, don’t spend your time with those kind of stupid, brain-washed dumbasses who think they’re superior and smarter than anyone on Earth because they tried to use “ph” instead of “f” (woohoo ! what a hero ! he’s so smart i just can’t help myself from peeing on my pants). Most the time, they’re just ignorant teenagers who are trying to learn something at school (mostly they fail, by the way, but well… you can’t write “ph” instead of “f”, even if intended, and be good at school)

    6. have you read ANY of the comments on this website??? Everyone bashes everyone. Mostly people from the states get made fun of, but this is a perfect opportunity for us to rip on French people. The next time you see a fail that is American you can rip on Americans. YAY!!!

    7. LO’s right we are all earthlings. were ever we are there is gonna be one fuckwad, one douche, one dumbass, one jackass, retard, idiot, one Epic failure of a human being that makes us cringe cuz the fucking idiot hails from our side of the pond. and we all have or moment when we too fail or have failed. so laugh it up my fellow peeps, its the pointing and laughing at failures in our life that make our day grand and teaches them the value of learning from their mistakes.

      I feel like a Phucken Tree Hugga LOL, get at me hater bitches i need some haters in my life.

    8. Alliteration always antagonizes an audience and attracts attackers asking 4 an apology. Assholes… (the 4 is leet for an “A” so it counts)

    9. Phuck the Phrench Canadians they come to my town with their snob attitudes and act like cunts towards the locals. This sis America motherfuckers!!!

    10. You american people are so funny! You have to wait for that kind of videos to make fun of french people, but… the whole world is making fun of you EVERY SINGLE DAY!! And the funniest thing is that you don’t even realize it.
      I’ve read an article claiming that 70% of gratuated U.S. people can’t point there own state on on United States map.. Is there any video of this experience?? Cause that would be fun… more than seeing a poor athlete getting hurt an falling, ruining years of training and probably her career…

    1. Better being French than in Iraq.

      Why do american guys always think they have bigger balls just because they are stupid enough to die for oil ? Anyway, you sir should thank the Rockefeller family for selling the Zyklon, weapons and kerozene to the nazis during WWII, because withtout them you would not even have enough money to build nice airplanes to crash in your own buildings, accusing some random arabic guy so rich he has to live in the mountains.

    2. Ahaha, +1 Kuraya

      Only stupid dumbasses are proud to be american today. Are you proud because you killed thousands of people in Iraq and frenchies didn’t want to ? Wow, man, you’re such a hero ! No wonder why there are so much hatred against USA. If you want people all around the world to consider you as the Good Empire, just act as if. As long as people will read those kind of comments, drdreep, they just will keep hate you, as you deserve, donkey.

    3. STFU no one cares. let’s stay focused on fail insted of annoying Ameri-hate. Write a book or start a blog faggots

    4. i seem to remember reading about something happening on june 6th, 1942. what was it? i’m sure it will come to me. What would france be without the USA? a very small province in the russian empire. go put on a beret and eat some croissants….leave the fighting for the men frenchie.

    5. Gnardog, it’s always easier to act like a hero when you are thousands of miles away from the combat zone, and not even CONCERNED by the war. You guys think you are the police of the world, completely brainwashed, always looking for a war to earn some dollars. BTW if you listened as much in geography than in history, you would know that France isn’t in the russian empire at all (Oh, it’s called Russia nowadays, just saying), And it is the biggest coutry in the EU. Now eat some donuts fatso, and go buy a gun. (I won’t ask you to vote, it would be a too complex notion to a brave US patriot like you). Redneck.

    6. Oh, and think about Napoléon and Lafayette, you guys without a nuclear bomb are nothing, just take a look at the actual campain that is going worse and worse. You only are badass soldiers in Call Of Duty, IRL you are just stupid enough to fight an unknown enemy for some random “cause” you don’t even know about.

      And without French, you sir would have a brittish accent and still be drinking tea.

    7. OMG gnardog, you are such an ignorant peasant ! First, 6 june 1942, nothing interesting happened. Maybe you meant 1944 ? You seem to be so good at History, i won’t even tell you about the fact that without France USA wouldn’t even exist.
      Then, if France was about to conquer Russia with Napoleon, Russia never was about to conquer France. Have you even read books or study at school ? Or do you just say random stupid junk ?
      Finally, i don’t get it : why do you think that because you helped France during WW2, french people should have gone to Iraq to kill thousands of people just for you, american junk, to get oil ?
      I’m neither amercian nor french, i just say ignorant peasants should just STFU before ridiculizing themselves. I wouldn’t be proud to be french, for other reasons, but I’d from far rather be french than being in the same country as you ! You are the shame of all good people in your own country. Just ask people who knows, if you aren’t able to think by yourself.

    8. GO THE FUCK AWAY!! I don’t unleash the caps lock fury much but you queers (Kuraya/Asc/Aimlezz) contribute nothing to this site exept long ass comments with no humor. Ima let you in on a secret, even if you’re 100% right about everything you say, you still accomplish nothing. Waste your time somewhere else jealous pricks

    9. Actually, American didn’t actually go into Iraq for just oil. It mainly happened because we got bombed. As did a lot of other countries for that matter. America actually gets oil from other countries.

    10. Actually, 1.Canada 2. Mexico 3. Saudi Arabia 4. Venezuela 5.Nigeria 6.Angola 7. Iraq 8. Algeria 9. United Kingdom 10. Brazil

    11. If the title didn’t have the word “French” on it, nobody would be discussing about history or economy.
      So much people hate americans because many of these americans think USA is the best country, so every other country in Earth sucks.

    12. I’m actually an American but I don’t think other countries suck…I actually think that some counties do things better than America. Each country has its strong and weak points.

    13. I’m actually ashamed of many Americans these days. Like drdeep who obviously doesn’t know a lot and needs to get an education.

    14. Yeah, Aeronaut, and I’m actually actual. Actually pretty sure of being actually reading your actually comments :p
      Well, you know… actually. I mean, actually of course.
      The word “actually” is actually awesome for sure !

    15. Fuck this, I’m going back to eating my “freedom fries”! Seriously, every last one of you are fags for hating on a country for any reason. My god people, this is the Internet, it’s a fail site, you all do belong here. “imma defend my country on the net and say we’re better than every other country. Imma use history to prove it, even though I’m not part of history… I’ll also use my country as a whole when saying all of us hate you, I’m speaking for my country”. You fags fail at life (•_•) ,,!,,

    16. Hey Scuba, I know you might think that god send you on Epic Fail to be his brave knight fighting for the good against evil trolls, but… I think you’re doing it wrong.

      I guess you would rather read comments like “omgwtfbbq she’s such a stoopid bitch but i’d still fuck her ass lololol”. But the fact is that you seem happy to enter the discussion to flood bullshit. If it doesn’t concerns you, well don’t be a cop a stop thinking you rule Epic Fail.

    17. Chaos, I never said France was the best country. I just answered DrFag an appropriate response to his autism.

      By the way, if you think that you have to be a part of the history to have an opinion about it, then you shall turn off your computer because you didn’t invent it.

    18. How dare you question gods plan Kumaya. Actually I am the epic fail cop and i’m ticketing you for for public defacation. btw i have an exploding business opportunity for you.
      Step 1. Pump your stomache
      Step 2. Start sperm bank
      Step 3. Pray your uncle dosn’t sue

    19. lmao, chaotic theory please reread your last post on this. If you can not find your error let me know and I’ll tell you.

    20. oh yeah, and it’s people like you who think they know everything that make people hate your country.
      ps. i wanna fuk da skier in da a hole

    21. Kuraya (^_^) ,,!,, history is used on here as if that person was there, you can have your opinion but everyone is stating “facts” about “if my country didn’t do this, then you would be …. Blah blah blah”
      Editor: unless it’s “imma”, I give up. You gotta tell me… Be gentle though. Let me know where I failed.

    22. Its pretty bad. a subtle mistake. You say anyone who hates on a country for any reason is a fag. But then you go and say that you speak for the entire country saying that all of us hate you.

    23. No that’s my general quotion for everyone else. I wasn’t saying that for myself, it goes on both sides, few people posting America hates France and vice versa. That’s me making fun of their thought process.

  3. I can’t say this is a fail, I’ve seen quite a bit of falls and spills this Olympics. Remember the guy who died at 144 km/hr on his practice run before the Olympics Opening Ceremonies?

    1. You’re the one who’s advertising your penis…go sell it on ebay, you might actually get a penny for the AIDs infected thing.

    2. Nah, I actually have a man who’s worth something. Plus, I don’t use ebay, you’re mom would buy it, you know, to keep it in the family like you did with your cousin.

    1. yep you’re right but it’s an epic mistake when its in front of thousands of people and on worldwide TV.

  4. i see that on tv i was like hahahah wtf and then i see englands scores and i was like oh shit lol…but its all riged and unfair… canadians get 300 practice runs and everyone els gets 30 practice runs…if it was anyone els they would wait for the other countrys to tern up before they started practicing…and not take steriods eather lol

  5. Round trip ticket from Paris to Vancouver = $1200.00

    4 years of your life training for a single moment = Priceless

    Falling within 40 yards of the start of your run = FAIL

    1. Especially when the question is the simplest of questions like which object is larger? a: an elephant, b: the empire state building, c: a school bus or d: the moon and the fucker chooses the elephant

  6. She broke her knee at the beggining of an olympic race and u guys need to talk about II world war…
    Wow, u wanna talk about 11/09 and Irak ? Pathetic.

    1. fix date, events, and country name. WWII/WW2/World War 2/ World War II, its 9/11 just like calling the cops here…911.. and IRAQ . and some ppl ike to mix politics with the funnies. grow a funny bone or disregard shit that irritate you. Dont Troll guy.

  7. The reason she fell is because she broke all the knee ligaments, i dare any of you laughing at her to endure that pain and see if its funny.

  8. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. when i saw the picture right before i clicked on it, i SWEAR it looked like a monkey in a buzz lightyear suit

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