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    1. they are not russian! this 2 stupid guy came from QuĆ©bec, in Canada… they pushed the car just because they don’t want to burn all the body of the car… really stupid…

    2. lol i totaly suport your russia jokes lol, and Caro only was a JOKE hes not telling theyre in russia lol

    1. Moron ther are not Russian they’re just dumbass from Quebec (I know i’m from quebec and I understand all what they say)

    2. OMG!!! Someone made a comment on here that wasn’t correct!!! Moron it’s they not ther. Learn to laugh or disregard the comment and submit a comment yourself, (*_*) ,,!,,

    1. Oh that motor is massive! whole 1.6 litres.
      No, you cannot over-compensate with this car!

    1. right – also – what’s so great about fucking up your car? i know a lot of boy racers are chav an all, but still . .

    1. Guess thats a win, It is a “burnout” competetion and well tech. they did get burned out

    1. daddy can only afford a civic hatch?? If that’s so, then I don’t think daddy would be letting his DUMBASS kid chain it to a wall and burn it to the ground.. Would have been a WIN if the gas line caught and blew up, killing the idiot driver (is he still a “driver” when the car isn’t moving?)

    2. You’re wrong.
      What self respecting man old enough to have a teenage son would spend his money on a Civic? Come on, mate, most self respecting men in their late teens dont even consider those cheap tin can deathtraps.

  1. Just BTW: Umm, how do you know that they’re Russian? The language on the end of this video definitely isn’t Russian, not even slavic…

    1. Aimlezzz…. We don’t need your language lessons here. The “Soviet Russia” jokes are used on many fails, not just Russian ones. So just shut the fuck up bitch. (><) ,,!,,

    1. It’s “these people”. And “so are stupid” is not a statement. You might want to reconsider posting in a language you don’t know in the future to avoid such mistakes, especially when you’re speaking of others’ IQ.

  2. This is a fail for so many reasons. First, its not even a legit burnout since the car is chained to that cement block so he spin his tires all he wants and not go anywhere. Next, who goes to show off their “burnout” without matching rims on all of their tires. Finally, if your gonna show off, atleast have a nice car and not some piece of shit!

  3. every single time i wach such videos i wonder if ppl can be more dumb.. did they never hear of “exploding” or “overheating” motors? fucking idiots!

    1. I was totally thinking that, but they were using a bigger tires, which gives the tire a bit longer to cool down and they weren’t going at top speed (which these idiots were) and the MythBusters DID burn rubber but it was after they shredded the tire and let it sit for a hr.

  4. Did he want to destroy his tires? Or the car and the road.

    I dunno either way he is dumb. It took him a lifetime to get out of his car when it was on fire.

  5. That is french from QuĆ©bec! Du vrai calice de QuĆ©becois sale! Ostie de tabarnak! Quote from the video “tasser vous de la bande de cave” translate to something like ” get the fuck out of the way asshole”

  6. LOL! this whole situation is a fail….. it doesnt even prove anything but how stupid these rice boy racers are… it doesnt even show how powerfull the car is! its attached to a concrete block for christ sake! lol

  7. instead giving up a car like that, he could do some real burnout, not that piece of shit -.-..

    oh wow, lets see what happens when you put your engine in a still position , rotating it at max rpm…something good aint gonna happen -.-

  8. Did anyone else notice the guy putting his hand on the hood while they were pushing it out of the fire? Was that supposed to help? He wasn’t pushing jack shit but he acted like he was helping.

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