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    1. Nah, thats just what happens when mystique tries to copy 2 superheroes at one time.. thats why she dont do it….lol

    1. I’m guessing his mom and dad were worried he’d kill himself with anything sharper. He prolly still uses safety scissors at school.

    2. I’m gonna have to write you ticket here, I’ve given you warnings before but I’ve seen enough of your un-funny jokes. See you in court.

    1. He is not a loser, he is retarded.
      Not to be confused with retard skunk who sit their fat ass in front of a screen all day cause they are too stupid to read a book and too ugly to have friends.
      Also “retarded” has an -ed in the end

  1. Hey!! Check it out!! It’s that neighbor kids little brother!! Add about 15 years and some eyeliner and he might actually be cool *cough, cough* Maybe.. 😛

  2. “Hey, Honey? What say, while we have Junior at the eye doctor, we really fuck his nerdy ass up and order the birth control frames? He’ll never get laid then!”

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