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  1. haha, the douche probably was the same size as her and she went and sucked all the grizly fat outa him, like some strange “fatpire”
    well one things for sure, he shouldn’t have opened the chest.

  2. Is she eating him?
    Seriously, these are things NOT to remember after a party or just pretend not to remember..
    But we all have asshole friends who just need so badly to remind you and laugh for days, months, even years after.

    1. Why do some people always take a uneccesary shot at black people? the lady is fat regardless what race she is..Your probably getting injections in your lips and tanning trying to look black ya racist cracker

  3. little did the public know that the movie ‘shallow hal’ was based off of a real person….the ending however was not accurate…so sad really lol 😉

  4. poor guy?! he’s enjoying every minute. The science of attraction states that opposites attract.If this isn’t proof than nothing will ever suffice

  5. I am sorry, but being in love isn’t a fail. Just shows that over 7000 people can’t find love so they bash on others. Who’s the fail now?

    1. well…you for being in such a rush to defend your fellow fatties that you think random idiots making out at a drunken frat party is love.

    2. dude your kind of right but i don’t see the fail in there oooo and one thing all ya is mad funny

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