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    1. The old guy journalist keeps pointing to his own gaping mouth, wtf is that about? I think he wants some to Wii in his mouth. Dirty grandpa!, shame on you. 😉

  1. Uhm..
    Not exactly a fail. It was just 2 people trying to look funny, they obviously knew they looked ridiculous.

    1. You’re a FAIL due to you needing to tell us you don’t fuck guys, C’mon we all already know you’d fuck him too. Nice try. Homosexuality Denial FAIL.

    2. Actually, simply pointing out the chick was doable doesn’t make me a FAIL. You trying to turn a comment about a chick in a vid that doesn’t look half bad into a comment about fucking men…now that, my friend is a FAIL. Carry on.

  2. roflmao….very funny and do you really think they did that intentionally on a family network…lol…hardly
    f-ing hilarious

    1. as soon as i got the wii, it gave me a billion points, for all the times i’ve been playing before it came out!

  3. I seee were the fail is, i think some people didn’t notice that it looks like there masturbating :L JOKES !!

  4. the two people playing the Wii, well the guy was butt fukcing the chick. So that is a Win for him… enjoyable rape

  5. It’s funny cos at first it looks like they’re both jacking off and then it looks like he’s doing her from, and somehow a win…

  6. wow….. i cant tell on whether the fail in this is that they looked like they were jerking off… or that guys terrible accent. :/

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