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  1. fuck stoopbucks an all, but still, there are ‘likeness rights’ and this ones way too close to the mark. lame leeching off another brand, fail indeed

    1. i dont think any of them will stick, look at the bottom, looks like it’s somewhere in the middle east. but yeah this is just asking for it.

  2. Hello, I’m the photographer
    this picture has been taken in Ramallah (West bank) where there is no Starbucks, only arabian coffee. Even if this “coffee” is a cheap copy it provided me really good coffee !

  3. hey dont they read backwards???

    so it wouldnt be Star & Bucks Cafe it would be efaC skcuB & ratS

    fuck cub and rats, fuck them cubs and rats!!!

  4. LOOOOOOOOOL i live in this city! i go here everyday!! GO PALESTINE!!!!

    i was gonna take a pic and upload it here first but, too lazy

  5. Yes, it’s in Palestine..

    I’m Egyptian, but I would never buy the “original Starbucks” in my life from Zionists.

    This one however, I would buy with all my pleasure.

  6. I think they need a trophy for getting it so close! That takes talent to get it that close to the edge without going over the legal line.

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