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  1. They got Terry Fox, cancer hero, confused with Michael J. Fox the actor. When a show is live, little errors are going to slip through.

    1. no doubt you are stupid, terry fox was a canadian hero that died of cancer, if you can’t spot the not you should probably wear a helmet aswell.

  2. this is simply disgusting. ignorant reporters. i hope she was fired for this, and the guy aswell just for being ignorant enough to not correct her, and for the script people that gave her that to say and use michael j fox’s picture. terry fox is a legend, and will be remembered for the rest of the planet Earths pitiful existence. It takes real people to do the things he did and stood for. without him we wouldn’t be as close to a cure and the government sure as hell would never donate money towards the billions of dollars of research and to pay the stupid scientists and doctors. they should be doing it for free, from the kindness in their hearts.

    1. That was Meredith Viera. She’ll continue to say stupid shit on live television and never pay the price, unfortunately.

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