Tattoo Fail


Design Fail

“This is my ex’s new tattoo and it’s terrible. The crown looks like a second grader

drew it and it makes no sense.”

Submitted by Anon

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    1. stupid white bitch thinks some dumb tattoos will land her some black cock…get a tan you cunt…all of you

    2. kitty furry… I think I’d still bang the chick with the crappy tattoo instead of the one with the the name equivalent of “pussy, hairy” (kitty furry). No matter what the skin color, fuzzy vagina is always a turn off.

    3. kitty you sound like a dumb black bitch.. girls with tattoos are gross, but i doubt she is trying to get a black dick with it. also, who cares if she is pale its pretty to be different and herself. i think she has great skin color.

    4. its actually not that bad fuck head. sounds like u still in love with the ex and juss trin to find a way to make fun of her. go kill yourself fag….she’s happy now.

    5. I think kitty furry is a white person trying to make black girls look bad…it wouldn’t be a surprise

    6. Well… you people are all acting like racist homosapiens. So just calm your hormones. Lets all agree that the tattoo looks awful, but none of you are stuck with it so be glad for that. As for female tattoos all being “tramp stamps” I disagree, tattoos are generally a way for a person to symbolize something important in their life such as a loved one. Perhaps to this woman the tattoo symbolizes her recently deceased mother. I am not defending people with tattoos, I am just saying it is a personal opinion.

    7. racist homosapiens? I know it’s a year late and I’ll probably never get an answer, but is that really what you meant to say?

  1. I bet the fail would continue if she turned around. If she was Hot she wouldn’t get a tattoo like this!
    If she is hot, just do her from the front! Keep her on her back or on top.

  2. The fact is, women who get into the numerous and big tattoos are usually just nasty women. Well placed and petite tattoos on a woman can be very sexy, but this one was not. Wish I could see her face, as I bet it is hairy and nasty!

    1. The fact is you fail, you should research suicide girls. I bet you’re hairy and nasty (O~O) ,,!,,

    2. go back to your cave you dense fuck and get with the times. hot chicks usually have more tatts than the average guy, and none of them would ever fuck YOU because you’re clearly incompitent.

    3. @ vodevil….
      You should check your spelling before calling someone else incompetent.

      And no, the girls that think they’re hot , andget all the tattoos, usually have a self image problem, and need psychiatric help. Especially you, vodevil. I’ll bet you have an eating disorder, and whore yourself on craigslist.

    4. Wow, all of you need to calm down and stop spazzing on each other.
      @ Brandon….
      You should check your grammar before correcting other people. Also, you have a major run-on sentence in your comment.
      Good day to you all.

  3. has the poor victim with the tat been informed of her arrival on epic fail? WTF. WTF. WTF – this is an AWFUL tattoo, horrific so BAD the tattoist must be a complete bastard.

    1. also note the crappy shading on each jewel, the light source is different for each jewel

  4. looks like the tattoo artist had arthritis or carpal tunnel, or it could be she was a bitch to him about trying to get her to choose something more tasteful and she’s all “well i dont give a fuck what you think, i got my own idea and i just need you to do your job and make it look just like this picture…” WISH GRANTED BITCH!!!

  5. i bet that there are lotta people that tap her on the shoulder and say that they like it and that they watch LA Ink everytime and that they also want a tattoo….”but not a big one, just a small heart on my shoulder”

    If you don`t love tattoos, don`t take one! Hate those small ass tatoos on chicks who only took a tattoo cause èverybody does.

    1. and if you love tattoos and you want to get something big..don`t go to this ‘artist’… skills.

  6. ughh. how awful! it looks like a child drew this. the artist couldnt even make anything look 3d. I got a wayyy better crown tat.

  7. What self-respecting artist would actually put that on someone’s body, knowing she’ll be like “Yeah, I got this done at Bob’s tat shop” Just publicizing where she got this… doodle?
    Also, poor chick. Gotta live with that for the rest of her life.

  8. Tats are just a way for employers to know who’s gonna work in the back at KFC. They tell me no brains, and prolly diseased. ick.

    1. you are probably the one walking around with a disease and may not even be qualified to work in any restaurant because your IQ is too low and have no common sense. Can’t even get your GED bacause you failed. What a loser. were you picked on as a child? did your parents neglect you because they saw they had a failure and a loser for a child. what a disappointment you are. BTW you might want to get yourself checked @ your nearest health department.

  9. it reeeeaaally isnt that bad. the person who added the photo was probably angry or jelous regarding the fact that it was their ex.
    it may look like a second grader drew it but thats probably because its an original. And thats a good thing. i like it

    1. and its probably original down graded quality because she probably drew it her self and the tattoo artist was to lazy to free hand it, so he traced it onto her. thats what i did. mine isn’t so fancy, and mine is way worse than this, but i like it because its of my own design

  10. You shouldn’t say fail for this girl, it’s a fail for the idiot tattoo artist who had the nerve to do a job that crappy.

    1. i agree, the tat design in itself is ok, the artist that did it needs to be shot. and it needs colour. it might look better if she went back and had colour added to it.

  11. I actually think it is a really cute tattoo. Not att tattoo’s have to have meaning behind them. I have some that have more meaning then the bible and some that I just thought were cute. Maybe this is her “its cute” tattoo. I like it. I would get one like it. I like that falling jewels. Super cute girl.

  12. WOW. The last few comments here are reasonable. Sadly, though, most of the comments sound plain mean. Not constructive. Not creative. It seems the true fail here was that very few of you did more than hurl insults. Now, as far as the tattoo…Ooof. Lesson learned, eh? This is why you should always check into the credentials of your tattoo artist, and let your friends who are learning to tat stick to little designs that they can easily cover once they get better. Poor kid.

  13. its actually not THAT bad fuck head. sounds like u still in love with your ex and your just tring to find a way to make fun of her. go kill yourself fag….she’s happy now

  14. Nothing is symmetrical about this horrible tattoo, and not a single fucking line is consistent. If you can’t tattoo a straight line or a circle, you can’t tattoo. Time to put down the machine and chop off your hands for good measure.

  15. i think all you jelouse people saying girls with tats are groos well you lot clearly can not afford them i have a nice little collection of tats they help me express who i am with out having to go up to every person and telling them and also they help me rember all the goods things ive done with my life alot of my tats are family orientated and childhood memoried so groq the fuck up

    1. sounds like your money might have been better spent on some medication to help with your long term memory loss and personality disorder.

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