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  1. If your emo and you know it slit your wrists……, ok that was bad, but you definetely can tell these guys were going after fags, not, a BOY band for sure.

  2. Bad in so many ways. One reason why rich people shouldn’t give into their spoiled brats when they say “Daddy I want to make a music video with my band”

    1. If you really believe what you just put, then honestly I want to fail like Linkin Park and then I’ll hire you to do all my bitch work. Sound good?

  3. Alas, this is a “parallel universe”-thing: What if there was a universe in which Sonic Youth consisted entirely of douchebags? – Yeah, that’s what we’d get: Sonic Douche… hmmm… “sonic douche” actually sounds like either something from Doctor Who or Star Trek… hard to decide.

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