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    1. it looks like the illegitimate love child of a jeep YJ, a short bus and a shipping container with a Benz star thrown on it.

    2. they’re called a jeepney. they’re all over the philippines and the drivers suck ass. they stop wherever the hell they want to pick up people.


  1. They finally pooled their money together and upgraded that scooter to a bus….*applauds vehemently*….it’s about time!!!

  2. Love to see someone run out in front of the bus and have the driver slam on the brakes.
    “It’s raining kids, Hallelujah, it’s raining kids!”

    1. LOL! I came from that country, Philippines, it’s really a cool place to live at. More than 7,000 islands, nice beaches, exotic cuisine and fruits, happy and smiling people. Missed that country.

    2. Oh don’t forget about the small dick’s cant forget about them philippenis XD

    3. Chill out it was a joke (steriotype)

      Why are you soo offended , you must be insecure

      They have things for that nowadays THAT YOU CAN AFFORD

    1. Right? looks like you have to be Epically retarded. the kind that looks fine and normal at a stand still but move once and let the poop and glue eating circus begin.

    2. But they’re retards so half of them probabaly die from trying to lick the outside part of the window.

    3. well…if you must ride the bus then I think the top would be better….I can only imagine the smell on the inside

    4. wow.. you’re all a bunch of racist bastards, aren’t you?

      and they don’t fall down. it’s not safe, but most people actually reach their intended destination.

      @nobody: the inside doesn’t smell. the windows are open so air circulates. unless there’s a bucket of fish inside..

      @aeronaut: your logic is retarded. poor people will have more windows because they won’t be able to pay for walls.

    5. I agree to you @Timoy. Yeah, those guys actually reach their destinations with minimal chance of meeting misfortune along the bumpy ride from the boondocks. masyadong epal yang mga puti na yan eh. haven’t been in a jeepney rooftop before but such a ride seems quite risky yet fun. And the racists here are the fail themselves.

    6. Actually, no one licks any windows. It takes too long to walk around Naga, so most people opt to take the jeep. The retarded one is the jeepney driver, he knows that you should only allow a few people on at one time to avoid it being over cramped.

  3. It’s not funny! Why do you make fun of the misfortune of others? They do what they could to get to point A to point B.

    1. Another Derek Norris impostor? I almost think it was better when EuropeGuy was still around. Almost.
      – They tried to market Derek Norris toilet paper but it didn’t work because you can’t make toilet paper from shit.

    2. How is it their misfortune? Didn’t you notice the Mercedes emblem on the front? Heck, if they can afford a Mercedes then they can’t be that unfortunate!

    3. Derek, do yourself a favor. Leave EF now and it will be a lot less painful. We don’t wanna see you posting on yahoo answers wondering why no one likes you.

    4. @Nobody: that’s not a real Mercedes, sir. that’s just part of the decoration.

      @derek: you’re exaggerating. that picture doesn’t show misfortune. you’re making it sound too dramatic. it’s not like that’s their last choice. geez..

  4. actually that aint true i know this because i live in the Philippines not everybody rides these only those who are desperate to get away from there homes or you are just simply poor


  5. It is normal in provinces in the Philippines, you could ride 10 persons in a motorcycle without a sidecar before, like 1970’s or earlier, provinces…

    1. no one falls. they’re so used to it that they can handle it. except for those duller ones who don’t hold on..

  6. tang ina nyo!!!!!akla nyo kung sino kayong mga pinagpala..mas nakakatawa kayo mas kadiri kayo….ang eepal nyong lahat…hahahaha well let see if you could understand what i hell all of you!!!!

    1. you’re not retaliating fairly. talking to your “enemies” in a language they don’t understand won’t do you any good. it just seems like you’re stooping too low.but you’re right though. some of these people here think they’re all high and mighty just because they’re not the ones living in a 3rd world country. ang sarap batukan at tadyakan ng mga taong to! 😀

    2. @Len18 You started off cursing at us by calling our mother a bitch… Something about being shoveled. You thing we are funnier (WHICH WE ARE!) and nasty (And yet your women love us more than you small dick variety) and that we are a bunch of show off… Len18 PISS OFF!

    3. Thomas MW you’re fucking mental, If you are one of this kids who would break the law to have some thrill because you cant afford an authentic american break-a-leg adventure in the middle of a frozen putang inang wasteland, and someone posted a picture of you in the internet and every-fucking-one starts talkin about you like you are the poorest kid in the world, you’d probably say the same thing! AND WHO ARE YOU TO TALK ABOUT OUR WOMEN WHEN IN YOUR COUNTRY THE NUMBER OF HOOKERS, PIMPS AND PORN PEOPLE IS GREATER THAN THE OUR COUNTRY’S EXPECTED POPULATION FOR NEXT YEAR?! WHAT THE FUCK?!

  7. this is very common in the Philippines and this fact is the real FAILure, unfortunately. tsk tsk

  8. Seeing that in our country may be a failure but making fun of it isn’t nice. What the heck is even funny in that picture? Poor children sitting above the jeepney because they have nothing to pay? It’s sad to note that there are people who are insensitive and naive.

  9. seeing this pics brings back memories! miss the PI. My uncle drives a jeepney though I have never seen one this packed.

  10. it’s a safety issue… but you’ll be amazed nobody gets hurt… as long as the motorcycle with ten passengers don’t cut this jeepney… “ebriting is beri payn”

  11. aint half of what filipinos can do..
    all of you are spoiled brats..get a cant even
    make your own spaghetti..

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