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  1. Girl With her mouth open says: Cum in my mouth ahhhhh
    Girl with the “EwW” Look says: Yeesh Dont this girl ever wipe hr ass? That or She sees her Prarie-doggin’ a log.

    1. On Second thought they both could be witnessing the same horror: no panties and they dont wipe… now this is a whole different “what could they be saying”: 1) Gag, 2) “dont fall on face” or “dont let team down, resist sewage stench”.

  2. Its “that time of the month” and the girls are at that moment experiencing a leak that is about to drip out onto the catchers.

    1. well, turn your clock back 96hrs, reboot your computer then re-visit this site man…everything’s gonna be alright. 😉

  3. one looks thirsty the other one scared, best bet the left fem has the happier life – the right chick lives a life of pain.

  4. Girl on left: “OMG is that your clit or do you have a small d**k” Girl on the right: “EEWW damn b!tch where you sitting on a Barbershop floor??”

  5. Dude honestly wat the hell is up with the bitch to the left…the one to the right looks like she has seen a monster…

  6. The one on the left is probably into watersports or something… ‘say Ahhhhh’…
    The one on the right can confirm that yes, she is ginger curtains DO indeed match carpet!

  7. The girl on the left is doing her best impression of muscle girl’s vagina, meanwhile the one on the right probably sees some kind of discharge leaking out.

  8. It kinda makes you think about what the fucking hell they are seeing. Thoughts i never want to think about again *shudders*

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