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  1. Oh, man. Where the hell do we begin with this one? You know what? I give up!
    I give up on all these people who have kids and don’t have a fuckin’ clue how to raise them because their parents had no clue how to raise them because they had them when they were 14. It just seems to me that the people who should least have children wind up having the most. Feel free to kill me on this but I’m actually serious about this one today.

    1. Anybody ever see the movie “Idiocracy”? If not do yourself a favor and watch it. Nuff Said.

    2. V, you hit it right on the nose. I’ve seen this cycle happen all to often where I used to live. One of the things that scares me lately is that teen pregnancy (13 and up) is a popular trend, then when they have the damned kids they dump them on their parents and just keep on partying and shit.

    3. Yeah, I hear that, I see it every day where I’m at now. It’s depressing trying to raise kids in an area that’s littered with this kind of mentality. And Well. hit the nail on the head. We’re about 3 movie titles away from Ouch! My balls! (Kick-Ass…)

    4. Totally agree with you. This picture pisses me off. The adult, or juvy, or whatever the hell she is has no business being a parent. Look at the example she is setting to the young child.

    5. this is why people like my mom have jobs, relocating children with parents like this dumb bitch

  2. “ok honey, this is how us crack whores behave. Watch closely now because your momma wants you to be the best crack whore ever.”

  3. The worst thing about it is that they themselves think it’s cute for the kid to act like that. It’s terrible! No class.

    1. Then they wonder why their kids are out of control when they’re in their preteens and teens and as parents they just shake their head and blame everyone else.

    1. Jaysen’s right. Call me racist but the black community has forged it’s own personna. The music, the dress code, the language, it all stinks of fail! There is absolutely no talent in looping the same beat and putting words together about raping and killing that rhyme. The top of your pants is called a WAIST band but, for some reason I see them “saggin.” And what’s that word spell backwards? Black people think the world “owes” them something but it is the black community that owes the world something: To be decent members of society!

    2. Dyquen, i think you’ve been gang-banged by a whole bunch of white dudes before…. you black people brought that racism up on yourselves… GooD JOB!!! Now Go Buy Some Fried Chicken and have your 5th kid with your Hood Rat wife.

    3. Someone took the time to make a screen name to call me a racist fag? I’m honored! Maybe I show signs of racism, but at least I’m a married white male with a wife that isn’t a rundown crack whore. I hold down a job with a good income and have had perfect attendance for 5 years. I can dress myself, speak with proper grammar and have never committed a crime. These are all things that the majority of blacks cannot lay claim to. Even the ones I work with a lazy asholes who threaten management with NAACP and pull the race card when their job is threatened. Racist? No. Realist? Yes.

    4. Well Said Somebody well said, people like this makes me lose hope in humanity, no matter what ever the fuck race they are. and JAYSEN i dont have kids, my girlfriend who is WHITE has two kids from two different fathers both dead beat white trash and im the one they know as daddy. I have a job not on welfare, dont do drugs, shower everyday (most white people that come where i work dont know about that), and i actually prefer Mongolian beef to fried chicken. You my ignorant ass wipe need to open your eyes and see that idiocy knows no color

    5. Dyquen, you are now my new hero. For some one to step up and be a daddy for 2 little kids from different dads takes courage, balls, intelligence, pride and honor. I can’t think of anyone around me that could do that and not fall on welfare or run out shortly after.

      Just because you think the problems are around you Jaysen, doesn’t mean they don’t happen everywhere else.

    6. see, the real problem is that only a couple of black people are trying to do something about their problem, which is that alot of black people live in ghettos and get involved in gangs. and the way these people act is a bad example for the rest of the black community. and then they teach their kids all of this crap, so its a cycle. but not all black people are like that such as Dyquen here. good job dude

    7. and although i agree with hartbreak, who,i have found, is usually the voice of reason, i must regrettably also agree with some of harry satchel’s points although terribly delivered. and dont call me racist for acknowledging that black people sort of bring these racist views upon themselves usually, lol, by the stupid rappers and hip hop artists. they are the ones who start the dumbass styles that black people are known for and the speech and all of that shit. but, like i said its all stereotypes and stuff and not all black people are like that, and there are alot of black role models. but not tiger woods. grrr that bastard. how about will smith. he hasnt done anything bad. that i know of.

    8. I love being one of the many black people to call some of the stupid shit my race does out in the open. It makes me feel pretty damn good to know that out of all the black people i know, i might be the only sucessful one. But hey, maybe with better school systems and less ignorance, we may be able to come back

    1. It’s amazing how some people think that the different amounts of melanin produced in the skin which is composed by the genetic code is what causes certain actions. The movie American History X is a great movie for a reality check.

    2. LO, if wat your saying is that skin color doesnt make a difference in your actions, then i agree. look at rednecks…
      how exactly does meleninimen work??? lol

    3. No the point of the movie is can get killed for being a white racist, but if you’re black racist its ok.

    4. ya sure is the white kid realizes the error of his ways and tries to make up for but, the wanna be hoodlum shoots his ass! Look i am not a big fan of racism everyone in today’s society is horribly screwed in the head some way or another. however not every race ends up with over 60% of it’s males in prison and walks around with their pants hanging off their ass” for those who didn’t know this was started in the prison systems as a sign that you were already someone personal piece” so black people do kinda of ask for and not all rap is bad I am a big tupac fan but, most of it is talent less BS these days

  4. Well done, you managed 8 intelligent posts without a racist comment!
    You people make me sick. Yep, she’s a bad role model and it’s pretty disgusting, but what worries me even more is that the like of the racist who comment on this site will be allowed to have kids too and poison them with their narrow minded ‘All black people are like this’ mentality.
    It’s your fault the world is in the state it is. Quit blaming others.

    1. Well Said Biggins. I used to live in New York (nice place shitty people) and now living in Wisconsin. Gotta say parental fails like this knows no skin color, and fuck all the racist ones who say “Only black people…” there are a couple fails on here with the same type of fail with white folks check back you’ll find em. it would have been better to say young people fail or just like the title role model fail. Fuck You racist pieces of shit. your no better than this immature one.

    2. umm…you blame him and tell him to quit blaming others….OK….so it’s OK to blame others as long as you are blaming them by telling them to not to blame others.
      I think I got it now….let’s all just quit looking at ourselves and blame others for everything that is wrong with the world because everyone else is too busy blaming others.

  5. Haha this reminds me of when a teacher of mine once told our class something about bad parenting, & told us, “Imagine the DUMBEST people you know. They can BREED. & they WILL. I heard a couple past students of mine had kids, a little tear trickled from my eye.”
    I honestly don’t think skin color has anything to do with her fail. It’s just, people who are stupid & REALLY shouldn’t reproduce, end up having like, 10 kids. It’s just how the world is these days. We live in a world of idiots, & they breed like goddamn rabbits.

    1. I know what you mean. But if men just kept their dicks away from the women and stuck to sucking eachother off… there woudn’t be so many pregnancies. IF YOU STOP THE FUCKING …YOU STOP THE OVER POPULATING.

  6. (first pic) “Okay sweetie smile for the camera this for Daddy…now that that nice man proved you are his daughter now Daddy gotta break us off with some CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE !!”

    (second) ” Now sweetie help mommy point right here to show Daddy where he can kiss mommy”

    1. Thank you, you’re the first to notice she’s hot. Bad parent but the kid is proof she puts out. I’m whitey and I would hit that too!

  7. Wooooahhhh! This is getting out of hand. Whichever colour you are, I’m sure we can all agree that she’s a bad role model. I personally couldn’t care less about what her skin colour is, or what the stereotype is for a black person. I see a bad role model, plain and simple.

  8. Congrats! If you work for a living and are reading this…you and your family will be paying for both Shaniqua and her daughter, Lashawnda’s health insurance for the rest of your life.

    1. Makes me wonder if he’s a troll or just plain redneck who hitched his pants up, riding the rust eaten truck into town and was marveled by a computer for the first time.

    1. dude this is the shit i hate you fucktards thinking that white and black arent equal. there like no difference except for skin color. and ive heard that black people have some extra muscle thingy in their legs or something, so wouldnt that make them better then white people?

  9. Ignorant people, black or white or w/e do really stupid things because THEY ARE STUPID. Their parents were stupid and their kids are stupid. It is not even their fault completely. Some people just don’t have a chance from the start. The way that kids grow up and what they become is almost completely determined by their upbringing and where they live. If you are surrounded by stupid people everyday and all your friends are stupid and your parents are stupid then guess what? You will probably be stupid.

  10. stupidity & bad upbringing no no race, color, or creed people. i will NOT have my entire race blamed for the chaotic hot azz mess these people have made of their lives!

  11. In caveman/woman language this is what she is saying: Help me raise my kid and this is what you get. Believe it or not, this is a fact.

  12. C’mon guys..just because she’s black y’all shouldn’t single out “black” people! Believe me, I teach at a very diverse school and I see parenting from every race and culture! Her ass was stupid enough to post and someone got ahold of the pic!

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